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For a unique family memento, click here to share the Magic Moments of Baby's First Year! CuddleCot? Coping with the deaths of babies is clearly an unbelievably challenging experience for parent ing and surviving dependants should be given the opportunity to spend with their baby. Giving familys enough free space through the use of cuddle puke is promoted by international mothers, mourners, still-birth and neo-natal philanthropists and graduates.

It allows the familiy to build an important attachment to their baby, whether it's diaper dipping, baby putting on clothes, photographing or just keeping nearby, which can help them deal with their losses. See the case studies and video's at the bottom of this page and items such as "Data on the effect of keeping and spinning infants after committing suicide show largely beneficial psychosocial results for parents". Click here for the item.

Trouble is that the baby's state in a hot room can quickly worsen, so the baby needs to be cooled. The transfer to and from the mortuary is now widely considered an obsolete practise, as it is often dreamy for a parent to go through the splitting procedure over and over again, while the cuddle box allows the whole familiy to enjoy every single instant with their baby, valuable times when every single moment matters.

CuddleCo? Refrigeration cushion is placed in every Moses hamper, manger, bed or other container. Connection is made by a special isolated tube and silent refrigeration with the CuddleCot-system. CuddleCot system is supplied in its own carrying bag with two cool cushion size for early and full-time children.

Cool to an optimum level, the CuddleCot keeps the baby warm without being too cool for parent. Containers are specifically shaped to hold the cool cushion and tube and provide hospital facilities with an easy-to-clean mosaic container, thus eliminating any concern about infectious disease controls. CuddleCot''s new carrier bag will fit into the Shnuggle? basket and makes it easier to keep and move when not in use.

Because only the cool cushion and bed linen come into direct touch with the baby, the CuddleCot is simple to sterilize. Bed linen can be laundered and the cool cushions can be readily rinsed with any suitable disinfectant made of synthetic material or heated suds. CuddleCot' s thin, smooth cool cushion is placed on the smooth bed, ensuring the baby is fully padded and comfy.

CuddleCot' s versatility gives family members the opportunity to waste valuable memory with their baby, as the CuddleCot keeps the baby cool wherever it is - so mom can have the baby next to her in crib. CuddleCot' uses state-of-the-art technologies and eliminates the need for conventional chilling (or requires coolant gas) and does not make the sound of a "refrigerator".

It resembles a small table ventilator, is very small and very lightweight and weighs only 3.8KG/8.3Lbs. That means the CuddleCot is easy to transport. You stow the CuddleCot in a small, custom-made carrier bag so that it can be cleared out of the way in a cabinet.

Conventional refrigerators use refrigerant technology that necessitates special servicing by a refrigerant technician. CuddleCot does not need any special servicing and, unlike conventional air conditioning, has only a few movable parts. Should there ever be a problem with the coolant system, it can simply be sent to our production centre for repairs without the need for costly on-siteengineering.

Our CuddleCot has been evaluated to meet worldwide clinical standard, CE certified and UL 6101010-1:2012 CAN/CSA-C22. An increasing number of clinics also allow family to take the baby home to share a little bit of fun with them before the burial. It' s wearable and easy to use, with minimum training required. In addition, many homes want to cool their baby at home in their own child bed, crèche or Muses hamper, and this can be done with the CuddleCot.

Giving a family the opportunity to take their baby home could support the grief making proces (click here for a scientific article). taking a baby home after death guidance for clinics - given that clinics allow increasing numbers of people to bring their baby home. It is also possible to purchase an expanded guarantee.

You will find the CuddleCot in various international newscasts, see below. It has also appeared in a number of papers, including The Daily Mail in the UK and was quoted in an article in the New York Times. Charlie Gard's UK parent used the CuddleCot in August 2017 to cool the baby Charlie at home - Click here.

It is used all over the globe, inclusive: CuddleCot? is represented in the global press all over the globe, a small sample of which is listed below.

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