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Technical offers, prices and current news. Fifteen Best Tech Presents | The Independent A display shows the amount of battery left and there are two built-in connectors so you can easily connect to a flash drive and enjoy your charging time. Featuring a 5000 mAH battery life, there's enough electricity to fully load all your phones at least once and most phones twice. Google Home Mini is a toddler of intelligent home technology.

They may not think that a fire detector is a very Sexy present, but take a look at the nest protection. The next you or your happy and talented friend heat up a gale in the galley instead of the normal clanking alert, Nest will talk to you and let your phone know. It softly illuminates your path at dark when it notices you are passing by, and periodically monitors its batteries, so you don't have to be concerned about the twittering of a dead alert triggered in the mid of the dark.

If someone pushes the knob, the video doorbell sees the video and lets you know they're on your smart phone or tray. Extremely good, these miniature cordless earbuds deliver noisy, efficient audio and a long lasting rechargeable power (about five hrs per charge). There' a lot of tidy details: when someone talks to you when you take one of the AirPods out of your ears to listen, the song stops and resumes playing when you put it back.

This razor is not only skin-friendly, even if you haven't been shaving for a whole days or two, but it's also full of tidy extra features like its power supply "Clean&Charge" that not only freshens up the rechargeable batteries, but also the blade and keeps it lemon-like fresh for your next shaving session. Once the rechargeable batteries are empty, a five-minute rapid charging is sufficient for a shaving session (otherwise a one-hour charging session results in about 50 min shaving time).

Your batteries last long enough for a whole vacation, so your teeth don't have to worry when you're out and about. Tone is beautifully rich and rich, while the rechargeable batteries last for up to 22hrs. Excellent rechargeable batteries too. DJI's Mavic Per is a 4K or Slo-Mo recording UAV in high definition and is a high-performance, high-performance unit that collapses to a size that fits in a rucksack.

It has a 27-minute rechargeable capacity and you can control it from a phone application. The Nest Protect is a very satisfactory installation kit if you like DIY. When they like tunes, either earphones (the AirPods or the Bowers & Wilkins pair) are powerful buying decisions.

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