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A cool baby toy

Children's International Day. 10 of my best choices for children's toys from France Would you like to get to know the very best toys in France? Now, begin to discover with my top 10 choices for children's toys from France. You know International Children's Day? What I recall about Kids Day are the gifts we got.

Granddparents, nannies, Uncle, Uncle, obviously the parent used to be more lavish with toys than at Christmas.... at least for me this was the Polish children's day. I' ve had a fairly good track record of buying children. After some research with on-line and off-line buying in France and especially in Lyon, I found these children's toys from France.

Cause I' m a very good au pair, because the children's day is getting closer and because I like to find reasons for more purchases in France. Here you are my Top 10 choices for children's toys from France. These are the toys from France's wood toys manufacturer JANOD.

What I like best is the Story Grand Prix wood toy. Each of these toys looks very basic, but they are actually very special and inventive and teach kids to think, act and above all make up adventurous tales. The Abat Jour Lamp is a slightly different kind of toy that I fell in loving!

This is a wonderful and exclusive Pabobo bulb - the well-known and well-known Pabobo Group. Her small ornamental figures together with many lovely starry skies softly illuminate the children's room. Bringing my boyhood to mind the plain, lovely puppets I played as a child. I' m sure you played at home where the puppet is your little baby and you take about it.

Outdoor automobiles from Velac - I adore this rose classic vehicle! After saying that, I think this one purple kid is very cool. Not only do they provide the automobiles, but also many toys for inside for every age! Kids Piperoid Toys - Piperoid Papier and Papier Only! What is a one-of-a-kind Les juets libres idea - such a toy store I found in Lyon.

I' ve fallen in loving her stationery line because it is not only for children, but I also want to enjoy playing! This way we can both have a great time....parents and children, as well as grandchildren and grandchildren, but also loved ones should consider this imaginative plaything for their little ones! The Animal Kits - that's something else too, another big invention.

And I think this is the children's favourite motif, the perfect toy present for youngsters! Conceived for children aged 3-5, it offers more challenging education as part of the nursery programme. My favourite thing is the concept of being able to learn new ways and ways of doing things at home.

Due to this toy store kits of animals à la carte of abzysmile so famous in France, your little one learns to class, to watch, to analyze, mobilize and to order. As you can see, the challenging things are presented in an entertaining and imaginative way so that your children have a lot of learning time! Hopefully I entertained you with my Top 10 Choices for Children Toys from France.

Today, I was hoping you discovered something with me that' reminds me of France. Maybe you are dissapointed with my purchasing tastes and can tell me your tastes and habits? Perhaps I just haven't seen the best toys in France yet and so I need your help! There' gonna be Christmas, birthday and so on, so I need more toy dreams... Thanks!

I' m a Pole who fell in loving Lyon at first glance!

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