Cool new Baby Stuff

A cool new baby accessory

Mimo Smart Infant Monitor is designed for today's new parents. Mum's is that Junior is also a good excuse to get involved in a bunch of cool new technologies. However much you love your little bundle of joy in bringing a new baby into your life, it can be a challenge, especially for firstborn babies. Take a look at our range of baby gifts, from christening gifts to gifts for new parents. Important products and advice to suit you and your new family.

Twenty-seven products and ideas each parent needs

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Presents for children

Give away a chance at work by putting them on the right path with smallBits, a kind of Lego for electronic applications. For Christmas, the power is powerful to overeat, overdrink, and watching more TV than the Gogglebox gait, but why don't you turn to the dark side instead?

The Anki Overdrive is the latest next generation race car for children, big children and even older children (the guy who has to fight on the rug because of his bad knees). Because you have children doesn't mean your block has to give up any sense of taste. With the iCandy MiChair high chair, all children's things are done with sovereignty - there are hip belts and neat and easy to wash pillows to help it survive the most anarchical meals - but the look is purer in the middle of the twentieth-century.

Unless this ready-made HPI Racing HPI Racing HPI Racing R/C kit makes your lifestyle better - sorry, your son's lifestyle - you don't earn Christmas. Christmas is over, thanks to the Bluetooth reply of AC Worldwide's Star Wars loudspeakers. The majority of baby dresses belong to one of two classifications - dull or horrible.

I mean, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Scalextric. In contrast to supermarkets, which are filled with sugars, kidchup is made from nothing but pure organic produce, but is still sweetened enough for the most sensitive children. There is no boardgame in the world that can harm the Christmas ghost as much as Monopoly. You know, when it comes to bankrupting your enemies as terribly slow as a Russian death march, it can only end in weeping.

This Christmas dinner is for pussies, right? Mastodon is a motorized military engine that can keep 24 mega pipe arrows in a revolving barrel that will turn Christmas Day into World War Three.

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