Cost of Baby Supplies

Costs for baby accessories

Think about spreading the cost of more expensive items. "We had put some savings back that we used for the baby bits," Alex says. Schedule your costs before the baby or after using our baby budget calculator.

What does it really cost to have a baby?

Studies have shown that new mums and dads can be expected to pay more than 500 pounds in the first few week of their baby's lifetime.'s survey asked 1,104 families of 1 -year-olds and under to find out what their financial impact would be if they welcomed their little ones into the family.

They were asked how much they expended in the first months of their baby's lifetime on newborns such as diapers, clothes and food - and the results show that the first months with a baby are high! The study found that mums and dads spending an average of 23.52 pounds on diapers, 243 pounds on clothes, 53.51 pounds on feeders, and 183.51 pounds on other items such as games and furnishings in the first months of their baby's lifetime alone averaged 503.27 pounds for a baby's first monthly cost!

They also asked if they thought they were ready for the cost and 64% said they were not! There are some inevitable expenses, such as diapers and feed, but it's always a good idea for a parent to look for a discount before buying," says Pearson.

Cost of 6 birth of a baby (and how to deal with it)

Financing your mother's vacation and building a new daycare center - having a small daycare center on the go can be an exhilarating but still costly experience for newcomers. Bump to Baby and Mother with Ethan, 2, and Logan, 6 month - tells how she was preparing for the cost of the new baby.

Childrens day care centres need many large units of furnishings as well as renovation expenses such as paints, drapes and bedding. In contrast to other expensive investment, Alex bought large quantities for her day care center. "When you buy plays - a little cash here and there - it all sums up before you know what you're spending."

"Nowadays, when we are spending our monies, we find it much better to be treating the children than buying something for ourselves," says Alex.

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