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This is the most classy susphi place in London? There is no choice of your own choice of susphi here, as everything is set up for you in breathtakingly beautiful woods. It is a mixture of pure green kashimi, a smooth crispbone, delicate pieces of beef in stock and vegetable tempera.

What strikes Akira, however, is not the meal itself, but what it is on. Every slice of sushi is concealed in the hand-carved wooden box in a separate room, and the effect is almost too nice to be eaten. Each detail on the dinner plate, from the sticks to the beautiful dishes in which the wrapped around Mango syrup is eaten, is a treat for the eye.

It' costly, but you'll be taken to Tokyo as soon as you eat here. Built in 1250, the mansion itself is a crooked building, but it is the contemporary annex that hosts the original building and serves breathtaking, undemanding food. We also had a not too abundant tartar of veal with the ideal amount of spices, accompanied by a love-it-or-love-it Marmite Maio.

Also a scream for the umami poultry butters, serving with hot loaf of bread. No! Madison is one of the few restaurants with such a picturesque view of London. On the grounds of the One New Range, right next to St. Paul's Cathedral, you will find grill dishes from the wood-fired Josper stove as well as delicious burger, Salads and starters.

Surely there are places more terrible than the sun-drenched Chakra patio, right in front of High Street Kensington, on a beautiful summers night, although the aromatic India kitchen may not be what you long for when the temperatures reach 30 degrees. Yes, I love Italian pizzas and burgata and slurp French gastropods and French bulb soups; but to eat seasonally, locally produced UK products in their best form is really my favorite dish.

It' presented in a spectacular way at the Oxo Tower at Southbank in London with its British wine sampling meal coupled with some of the best British wine I have ever had. After pampering, savour a Veuve Cliquot champagne drink and a week-end lunch at the Chelsea River Brasserie Riverfront Brasserie where you can take in the breathtaking view of the harbor and listen to life sounds while selecting from a 20-course deluxe dinner.

However, the accent of India spoils you with dishes you have never seen before. Here there were no takkamas or cormas, but rather abundant, multi-sense chili peppers on breadcrumbs, an enhanced Bombay mixture with curry pea, cremy birrata with pineapple seed and crunchy poppies and a mirror ball on ultra-thin, crunchy potatos.

A visit to Mayfair's Park Chinois is a real celebration of the senses that goes far beyond eating. No-one goes to a petting zoo because of the excellent meals on sale, and so, like a museum, these places often ignore their local eating facilities and leave their visitors with a distasteful lunch. Residents who need to flee the turmoil don't have to go far to get away from the gentle slopes and delicious food: in fact, they only need 90 min to get to the Wye town of Kent.

You' d think the eatery would be expected to service classic UK gastronomic tours, but in fact it offers truly delicious local cuisine. There is no better way to enjoy the sun after a busy working session than to go to the Camden Rooftop Cinema by Fest Camden Roof Gardens, which shows movies in the beautiful countryside of northern London for a whole week until the end of August.

The varied menus from Dubai to Frankfurt combine well-known Jumeirah goals with freshness and freshness, which are assigned to every single guesthouse. My favorite was the whisky-based Royal Saray, taken from the Bahrain commercial, presented in a glassy can.

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