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Among the Princess Eugenie's virgins were Princess Charlotte.

The cheeky Savannah Phillips, seven years old, daugther of the grandchild of Queen Peter Phillips and his spouse Autumn, kept Prince George amused as they were waiting to go down the hallway with the bride this morning. Well, she was the son of the Queen Peter Phillips and his spouse Autumn. The boy seemed to have imitated the trombone clarinet to announce the queen's coming as George watched in snickers.

However, a small page-boy, Louis de Givenchy, fell on the stairs when he was introduced by Prince Edward's daugther Lady Louise. He is the father of Frenchman Olivier de Givenchy, a JP Morgan seniors banking officer, and his Aussie wives Zoe are also close acquaintances with Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields, whose daughters are bridesmaids.

She also hired several other teenagers to act as her floral maids, among them the Savannah 7 and Isla Philips 6 nurses, the four-year-old Mia Tindall, Maud Windsor 5, and the most amazing six-year-old Theodora Williams, the daugther of Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields. Obviously, the bride's older elderly sister, Princess Beatrice, whose part in the marriage has been speculating for several month, took over.

He was followed by the bridegroom who asked his Brooksbank to be his best man and stood by his side as he said his I Dos. Charlotte, 3 and George, 5 will take on the roles of floral maid and page boy for the forth year. Friar and sis have taken charge on two other opportunities, first at her Pippa Middleton aunt's marriage in May last year and then again last months at Kate's closest girlfriend Sophie Carter's marriage.

Isla and Savannah are the sons of Peter Phillips, the oldest and only child of Princess Anne, and his spouse Herbst. She' s sure she'll give Charlotte a run for her buck when she starts her first official virgin appearance on Friday. The five-year-old Maud is the daugther of Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor, also known as Sophie Winkleman - and the patron saint daugther of the newlyweds.

They attend the same schools as Prince George and the young royals are in the same grade at Thomas' in Battersea. is one of only two pages in the parade to join Prince George. Thomas, known as Tom, has been given the part of best man. Her older brother's wife made an apparent decision as best woman, with rumors of her roles circulating for many month.

The bridesmaids' tasks before the marriage of her brother and sister with her bridegroom Jack Brooksbank, a 32-year-old celebrity goodwill representative, seemed to be fulfilled by Beatrice. On Wednesday, after Eugen's fiancé parties detail was revealed, Andrew twittered a review of an Eugenie and a witness Beatrice. And, in a remarkable casual moment, Jack and Eugenie are represented at the celebration of New Year's Eve in Verbier, the place where they first came together seven years ago, just a few short months before the announcement of their commitment in January of this year.

During their first collective interviews, Jack acknowledged that it was "love at first sight" when he first saw his prospective wife. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's marriage celebration detail was revealed at Windsor Castle before the October 12 event.....

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