Cute Cheap Baby Clothes

Low cost cute baby clothes

Many thanks for visiting our project page for baby clothing. What we want is cheap and cheerful, expensive designer brands are not required. They' re sweet and beautiful and even better when they're not yours.

babies' clothing

Thank you for your visit to our baby clothes page. During the last few years we have ceased to donate used clothes, mainly because many of the objects given did not really correspond to the cultural environment of the area and it was almost not possible to meet personal taste and size in the distribution of tens of millions of items.

Therefore we asked our customers to take some baby clothes with them in their cases when they come to Peru and hand them in at our office. If we have enough objects, we will hand them out to pregnant teenage girls at health facilities in some of the towns as well as at the Antonio Loreno Hospital in Cusco, which specifically takes care of local village people.

More than 500 baby clothes delivered by customers to our offices between July and December 2016. Which kind of baby clothes is the best? All we need is new clothes. Don't take used clothes with you. Babysuits & Pyjamas are really what we are looking for, for babies aged between newborns and 18 month.

Below we have compiled some pictures of articles that are typically used. What we want is cheap and happy, there is no need for costly design labels. Multipacks from super markets are perfect, you won't believe how cheap the non-branded packages are. Buy a package of 3 baby shorts at Tescos for as little as £3.25 in the UK!

A package of 4 short-sleeved baby jumpsuits in the USA starts at 8 US dollars at Wallmart. Baby clothes - why? When we stick to basic baby clothes, it should be pretty straightforward to hand out these articles without any problem. We will not all get exactly the same object, but the objects will be similar enough to avoid any discontent.

Monochrome objects in either color are perfect. If we could pack the articles and put the gender and date of each article on the package and let the mother choose, we would be able to give them away without any preference. We in the West have a tendency to use these baby clothes for a few week or month and they discard them.

Peru is where these objects are taken care of and a baby uniform is probably given to several infants and only discarded when it is used up and can no longer be mended. In Peru baby clothing is very pricey and is individually for sale. Everybody likes a baby, they're cute and beautiful and even better when they're not yours.

As well as the postal service in Peru being untrustworthy, we are often asked to foot a tariff to pick up the goods. That obligation can be more than the value of the articles! Shipments can only be accepted if they are delivered to our office in person. Please be so kind as to endorse a fundraising account that lists the objects you have contributed.

Of course we will give the objects free of charge to expectant mothers and mothers with small infants in doctor's offices and hospitals in the hill towns and Antonio Loreno Hospital in Cusco. Objects are given to these ladies in person. However, there may be occasional cases where we might wish to deposit some articles with these bodies for later use.

In order to avoid a further sale of these articles we label all articles with a durable marking as "donation". We' re very pleased that you are marking your own articles to avoid possible re-sale andft. Perhaps you write your name, your land or your initials on the back of each article with a durable stamp.

From July to December 2016, our customers sold more than 500 baby clothes articles. The articles were circulated to the National Hospital and Antonio Loreno in Cusco in December 2016 for a 3 week stay. They are both clinics for uninsured persons and the institutions are very simple, especially the Antonio Loreno Hospital, which takes care of small community members around Cusco as well as ill and early born infants.

Samples of the type of clothes we are looking for: The articles below all come from Tescos Online, but all stores have something similar.

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