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Sweet children's boutique

The Jayliah Kids Boutique shared her photo. Do you need ideas for a fantastic, clever, creative or cool boutique name idea? BEST Boutique in Belize. - review of the RubiMoon Boutique, San Pedro, Belize

Not only is the garment nice and original, but the price is also surprising. Twice I was in San Pedro and the second times I went with a girlfriend and she loved me too. Anke & David, the owner, are as marvellous as the dress - friendly, supportive, handsome souls.

I not only purchased the most stunning dresses for myself, but also purchased some things for my 3 year old girl and some presents that I could take home with me. She is also the RubiMoon label creator and her clothing is really well made and made of the most comfy material.

Clothing also washes very well and returns to its original form without shrinkage or stretch. You also have marvelous jewellery made by locals. Wonderful and beautiful clothing - I found the perfectly small little gown (with a dash of metallic colour!) - beautiful, caring and comfy.

Plus the owner/shop keeper is wonderful sweety and supportive without being overbearing. Magnificent, singular and "simple" styling and great craftsmanship. I' ve brought presents for children - lovely clothes! Some more great clothes for myself when I wanted to buy too - Loving, dear, love, dear this place! That place smell incredible.

It' all cheap and beautiful.

Five malls like a Parisian: Local guide to grocery stores in Paris Boutique

When you come to Paris to search for the glittering French counterpart of the Rodeo Drives, Fifth Avenues and Sloane Streets of the Worlds, you return now, this is not the manual for you. However, if you're looking for one of a kind, stylish and accessible trendy shops in Paris in charming neighborhoods where real Parisians really go shopping, you've come to the right place.

Tucked away behind the busy Bastille, at the beginning of Rue de Charonne, a beautiful boutique centre was gradually built. Strong-willed independents sharing the pavement with popular trendy street furniture such as Isabel Marant and Repetto are a very useful place to shop with your budget mates.

Whilst the Rue de Charonne is tailor-made for an evening of grocery shopping in " avec les garlz ", the guys have also asserted their right here with several shops offering trendy and relaxed clothing, robust leather and garments. In this remote retail town in the eleventh district you will find yourself at home.

To find the boutique maps in Rue de Charonne and the nearest address, click here. Known better for its picturesque waterfront and aperitif spot vistas than for your groceries, it's easier to miss a very interesting grocery treatment at Canal Saint Martin. Walk in renovated old workshops in Paris with a Williamsburg NYC retailer and discover trendy young brand and boutique concepts especially for the boys.

Shops you shouldn't miss: The Centre Commercial, Nordkraft, Atelier Green Factory, French Trotters, A.P.C. (and you can also visit the charming, colourful shop Antoine & Lili on the canal). To find the maps of the shops of the Canal Saint Martin Boutique and the nearest address click here. Use Rue Charlot as your axle to negotiate this maze of small roads behind Rue de Bretagne, explore small shops that sell up-and-coming fashion brands and small classic pieces from Paris to create the easy, understated "Bobo" look of Paris (Bohemian citizen).

Make sure you find the Merci Concepts Shop, a charming, down-to-earth Colette model (see picture above with the Fiat red). If you think you've found everything, take the opportunity to go down the Rue Vielle du Temple and see the old Judaic district (where you'll also find my favorite household goods shop Fleux).

Shops you shouldn't miss: The Broken Arm, Zou Boutique, Royal Cheese. Please click here to find the Haute Marais Boutique shops maps and local adresses. Old-fashioned ports, scating equipment shops, road arts and everything a Frenchman with a flavor for L.A. needs for a whole days retailing therapy - you'll find it at Rue Tiquetonne.

To find the Etienne Marcel Boutique shops and address list, click here. Nessy's arch with a lot of mysteries from Paris, inside tips and little known stories is online and in press.

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