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Check out Char J's board "cute little girl stuff" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kid Styles, Little Girls and Girl stuff. Someone has to have a baby so I can buy these things for them! Check out the enchanting Chicken Cheech who struts her stuff in an enchanting video.

Baby Stuff: 79 pictures found on Pinterest, createt by Katie DeBell.

we' ll have a really cute little camera dress so daddy's little girl will soon be a fisherman like mom! Listen to your little yell! American dresses Inc Girls Pink Flower Party dress Sz S *** More detail you find under the picture links.

Classical Babe Ballerina Purple Gown, This classical Babe Ballerina gown is the embodiment of sweety and allure.

See: Little girl who' wore a dress of hen becomes virally in a sweet'Chicken Cheech' cam.

This the most beautiful hen in the whole wide kingdom? A little girl known as "Chicken Cheech" has had a big influence on the web with just 15 month. Featuring a lovely videotape post by the girl's mother, Cheech is seen stalking her stuff as she walks down the street on Halloween, full of pens, webbing and a crest to make her look.

It had over 37,000 viewings on Youtube since it was posted just four and a half nights ago on November 4th. Her mother explained the reason for the Cheech suit and posted on Youtube: When Halloween was rolling around, it was only normal for me to make her a hen suit, or "tick" as she says."

"Initially I was uploading a small Facebook videotape to be shared with my big house and my boyfriends, but I soon realized that the opinions, reports and commentaries were growing at an incredible rate...after receiving an awesome feedback from total strangers, I thought it would be funny to launch a YouTube TV show to split even more chicken cheech videotapes.

This little girl's suit was handcrafted by her mother, who said to a commentator on the Facebook page that she has planned to make and resell more in the near term. The mother explained the tale behind the name of her cute little hen and wrote: "For the inquisitive, her name is " ceech ", which was given her by her father when she was just a few week old."

Featuring more video to be posted in the near term, audiences are ready for an overshoot of bite-sized hen sweetness to enjoy their time.

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