Dangerous Baby Products

Hazardous baby articles

Mothercare, Tesco, John Lewis and eBay pulled baby sleep positioners out of their stores after receiving an updated FDA safety warning. FDA video on sleep positioners warns that "anything can be dangerous. Chemicals to be avoided in baby articles A major reason why we began NAÏF is that most major baby makes use inexpensive substances in their products that can be irritating to the epidermis and even potentially damaging to your baby. Seeing as the labels on the back of your products are not so easily readable for most consumers, we have 5 different listings of food items to look out for.

Fortunately, there are also many (baby) brand names that make very beautiful products without using these additives. It is a low cost crude by-product that is used in many cream, moisturizer, hair products and essential oil products. Baby products contain minerals in nappy cream, baby cloths, baby lotion and baby olive paste.

Large cosmetics firms like to use petroleum as a basis for their products because of the costs and it is commended for its greasing effect. Unfortunately, petroleum works like a film on the surface of the epidermis, blocking the pore structure and the normal respiratory processes of the epidermis. Many of the well-known brand names make baby essential oil from nothing other than petroleum with a synthetical fragrance...not exactly what you want to apply to your baby's baby skins.

A paraben can be irritating to your baby's scalp. As a baby's hormonal system is not yet fully developed, a paraben can cause irrecoverable harm to the evolving end-ocrine system. It is a conservative that is often used by products that purport to be "purely natural" as an alternative to Paraben. This is known to be an allergen to the epidermis and may cause emesis and diarrhoea when exposure is sufficient.

During 2008, the FDA issued a breastfeeding mother alert against Mamas Blisse nipple creme, which included both Phenoxyethanol and Chlorpenisine (another drug known to affect the brain's ability to control the nerve system). Sulphate search on the label: SLS, SLES, soda peglaurylsulfate, 5th polyethylene glycol look for on labels:

As the number decreases, the connection is more readily incorporated into the dermis. The PEG is a grade of polyethylene polymer that provides moisture, keeps products firm and improves permeation of other substances, both good and not. PEG's can be irritating to baby's delicate skins.

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