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Baby Designer Equipment

That baby of yours is priceless - but what you're wearing it with isn't. You should be dressing your baby in designer clothes? It may be small, but baby products mean a lot of money when it comes to the ever-growing design articles out there. Hardly any baby celebrities seem to have been given over by the birth attendant, their families racing down the hallways with designer pockets full of new must-haves. What is the price of designer baby equipment?

£295 Skin, Wild Suede and Shearing Papoosen, kindly owned by designer Bill Amberg, have become a hottest possession after actor Kate Winslet used one for her baby. Bill Amberg actually has a whole series of designer hit songs. Baby as well as your check could collide with his 325 pound calfskin and high-grade jumper.

You can catch your recalcitrant infant, but certainly not your issues, with his sheepskin-lined cowhide rein, £135. A further important element for those who want to keep up is the 499 pound Bugaboo frog stroller from the Netherlands. Sputnik Communications' Bugaboo representative Hattie Yolland says there is a waitlist of up to 6 week for a frog, and more than 100 shops trying to become dealers.

They can get trip trapp in their high chair for around 99, sleepi in their round baby bed from 390 or more pounds or go to sleep in your stroller with your baby but don't wait for a variation of 500 pounds - without add-ons.

As Jennifer Ellison clothes Sichel Bobby Tickle in designer baby clothes, she eventually records his childbirth.

It was born almost two month ago and has been the focus of our attentions ever since. It was therefore timely that Baby Bobby's coming would at last become officially announced after his proud mother Jennifer Ellison recorded his delivery last night. Jennifer, 26, and Robbie, 29, were wed last October, but we assume they recorded their wedding within the last six month.

Bobby, who was conceived on 4 February, was dressed from top to bottom in designer babywear. Not even woke he up when Papa Robbie picked him up from his automobile seats, undoubtedly to show him to the civil servant as his proud families made his coming to the rest of the word formal.

Jennifer and Robbie took him out into the outside worlds when they took him with them on Valentine's in Cheshire. There is no question that Jennifer will spend as much of the next few weeks with her firstborn as possible as she is preparing to go back to work in the fall.

Ellison, who moved out four weeks after birth for the billboards, will be following in the steps of Kelly Brook, Gemma Atkinson and Hannah Waterman as she takes part in the show at Liverpool's Empire Theatre in September. Admittedly, it would be difficult to keep her little child at home and work.

When she spoke to Liverpool Echo, she said: "He was away from him only once when I went to the hairdresser.

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