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Inside Kylie Jenners Baby's $70,000 designer dressing room - Neonatal baby girl overwhelmed with luxurious gifts a few nights after giving birth. Good luck. Since Kylie Jenner's surprising baby release was continued with an open behind-the-scenes documentation, supporters have taken a close look at all the detail they've been missing over the past nine month. One of the most fascinating parts of the 11-minute feature was a glimpse into the unbelievable dressing room of the little one.

Kylie, who has a net value of several million dollars thanks to her best-selling lip kits, injected $70,000 in designer clothes for her father before she was even even born. Kylie's father, who is a great lipstick designer, was one of the first to make a splash. During a walk through the baby's dressing room it became clear that Kylie's daugther will be wearing rose, amber and baby blues - as well as high-quality sport equipment.

"Kylie Jenner's baby is 3 nights old and already has a larger dressing room than I'll ever have," one asked. Someone else wrote: "Can I just be Kylie Jenner's baby for a whole weeks so I can get a $70,000 wardrobe," "Kylie Jenner's baby really did plan his whole lifetime wardrobe," a third remarked.

Although she injected the money for her first birth, Kylie didn't neglect herself. Kylie's mother Kris Jenner was present as well as Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall and the North and Penelope sisters.

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