Designer Baby Grows on Sale

Baby designer grows in sales

Now Pili Carrera on offer! Stylish and practical French designer clothing for babies and children. Catie Price admirers are horrified after trying to buy a "dirty" designer baby that grows on eBay.

The KATIE Price supporters have grown a baby that she is trying to peddle on her eBay as "dirty" and tell her it needs an electrician. She whips out some of her "beloved" baby clothing on the bidder's side and posts a photo of a black baby growing on her instagram to promote it.

Spectators soaked through the keyhole last night as they discovered mountains of garbage, a scum-crusted outdoor hot tub, and horseshit all over their front axle. Katie's home was shown from inside and out as Keith walked through each room to let a group of visitors guessed who the Sussex deluxe home belonged to.

Enthusiastic crowds of supporters were thrilled by the heaps of disorder and garbage around Katie's home, among them a pile in the hallway through the front entrance and a big confusion in her master room. Your walk-in closet was not much better, as the spectators in a back room behind the closet could see clothing tossed onto the rug.

On the outside of the building, it was even more terrible when Keith almost walked into piles of horses on the driveway just outside the front entrance. The audience streamed to Twitter to point out how dirty Katie's cottage is.

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