Developmental Toys for Babies

Toy development for babies

An assortment of baby games and toys that encourage the development of babies and improve their skills and abilities through hours of playing. Clattering wrists is fabulous for attaching to these waving little arms. Boys are not very coordinated and tend to punch themselves in the face with what they hold, so soft rattles are the best. An activity and educational toy for stimulating infants from the newborn to the sixth month. If your baby is a newborn, the first toys you will buy are often very simple, such as a blanket or a soft cuddly teddy bear suitable from birth.

Classical Wood Baby & Toddler Toys

Roset Ricky - the ideal wood missile to take two detachable cosmonauts and use them to boom into orbit. Superstable small wood magnet missile with spinner by Janod. Classical wood stomping game with a sweet, novel turn, the vertebrae are small fungi with faces and the tambour has a rabbit-shaped bow.

Nice wood stroller, lacquered rose and provided with nice details. Majestically decorated wood-graffe pulls toys with a throat, which is moving while driving! The adorable wood canard pulls the toys with her, moving her face from one side to the other as she continues to waddle! Teach yourself how to read the times with this wood watch with detachable numbers.

Wonderfully decorated wood vehicle on the London bus with multidirectional wheels for simple turning. Decorated wood sliding truck with two letters and recycled parts for sorting. Light-coloured wood fire truck with 4 firemen to drive in or scale the ladders. Lacquered one-seater wood airplane with detachable pilots and spinner.

Wood number jigsaw in the form of an oulet. 30 sets of wood dice, each dice page showing a different sets of illustration, characters and numbers kept in a wood "Match and Tidy" tablet. Squeeze, squeeze or elongate this geometrical touch balls, but it keeps bouncing back into form.

Exciting wood dice for long pleasure! Every side and the top have different acitivities, gearwheels, shape sorters, bulge frames and more! Handmade, 2 in 1 wood toys, 2 in 1. On one side is a backhand instrument that can be used to knock with a wood mallet, turn it around and knock the wood beads through the hole to produce a funny acoustic music.

Holzformsortierer forklift with the distinction! There are six different, clumsy and clumsy types of dinosaur, made of haptically coated timber for drawing or prehistoric caps! Light gator in light blue colour, made of timber, skilfully constructed to move with you as your scalp and cock move up and down! We have a large selection of toys for babies and small children, from light coloured bricks to funny rattle, nice walking aids and conventional swingers.

We have a wide assortment of toys for babies, both young and old, which can be used from the moment they are born or as soon as a child can grab them. Woodlifters, bricks and rattle are great presents as first toys for babies, while our wood toys for infants comprise Pushhalong wood toys, jumper trucks, pop-up toys, pop-up toys and wood form sorts.

There is a wood walker to help a little girl take her first step, and a wood play center with many different things to do and do to keep your little one happy for long periods of time.

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