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Nappy screen process: Lovers and television advertising are the most important resources. Decisive buying parameters for diapers are relatively simple - functionality, fitting and brands are top consumer priorities. When it comes to finding out which are the best, 44% of those surveyed worldwide go directly to the individuals they know and rely on advice, which is the most important information resource in each area, even though it is well below the US averages ( 32%).

Television advertising is the second most frequently quoted information resource. Over a third of those surveyed (35%) stated that they had learnt something about diapers through a television spot. It is particularly important in underdeveloped countries, which are mentioned by 44% of those surveyed in Latin America, 39% in Asia-Pacific and 37% in Africa/Middle East.

It is no coincidence that television expenditure has risen in relation to overall infant healthcare promotional expenditure over the last two years in each of these countries. Fewer interviewees in Europe and North America, where expenditure has fallen, say they are learning about diapers through television commercials (24% and 16% respectively).

Nappies are the third most important consciousness resource, quoted by 27% of those surveyed - nine points lower than those who use them to find out about infant formula. Branch operations are particularly important in Northern America. Almost a third of Americans (31%) say they found out about diapers by seeing them on the shelf, six points above the worldwide mean (25%).

One fifth says that they were informed about diapers through display or promotional campaigns in the shop, against 16% World-wide. While only a small percentage of those surveyed around the world are learning about nappy labels through online channel, consumption is highest in Asia Pacific. Almost a fourth of those surveyed in this area ( 24%) say they know about diapers on parent sites against 19% World-wide.

The information resources that are most important for buying decision are the same as for infant formula. The use is aimed at the impact on oral propaganda resources (recommendations from friends/family and healthcare professionals), but for most other resources the use far outweighs the impact. Fourty per cent of interviewees worldwide say that this is the most important factor in determining which nappy label to buy, seven per cent above the next one.

It is the only top five index among all regional indicators, although its importance is well below the overall US mean (25% consider it important). One third of the interviewees worldwide consider a good fit/comfort to be important and thus occupy second place on the worldwide ranking. Trustworthy brands and damage control are linked to third parties, both of which are mentioned by 28% of those surveyed worldwide.

It is less important than foods when buying diapers, 11 points below the figure said to be important for infant nutrition (39%). In North America and Africa/Middle East, protecting against leaks is important. There is a ranking of the most important attribute in both areas, given by 40% and 39% of those surveyed in each area.

Nearly half (49%) of our infant nutrition business comes from Asia Pacific, 27% from Europe and 19% from North America. Asia Pacific is above the worldwide market when it comes to buying online babies healthcare now. Over the past two years, turnover in bio-nutrition rose by 26% in 16 selected countries, while non-organic product turnover fell by 6%.

Circumstantial changes in the brand of infant formula (40%) and diapers (35%) were due to customer response from families and acquaintances.

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