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Originally, their goal was to produce household goods that were of a high standard of craftsmanship but accessible to people. When you shop on-line, there are several different category you can scroll through, including scents, women's clothes, children's clothes and delightful presents. Everything is available, from bedrooms and accessories to ladies' pants and baby pyjamas.

Kids and babies

Toddlers aged 14 or older who are up to 2 years old can ride on the knee of a companion for a charge of [infant location=AllNotShown] per one-way outing. Toddlers up to the ages of 2 years can be carried on the pet's knee for a child charge, but if the cost of the adults' escort ticket is lower than the actual cost, the same child charge will apply.

People can only go with one baby. Kids over 2 years are not permitted to ride on the escort's belly. You can find more information on the page Kids and toddlers. In the event that the departing and returning parents reach the 2nd year of life, a seating must be bought and a special round-trip booking made.

Adults traveling with a baby are allowed to wear baby accessories (no pram, folding pram or cot on board). If, however, no baby or baby is present, these objects will be taken as hold luggage for an additional fee. Romania has specific requirements for Romanians under the age of 18, please see the travel document page for more information.

It is possible to take a rear-facing child safety chair with an inner safety harness on your aircraft if you have bought an optional child safety chair during the journey. Vehicle seats shall be fitted with a locking device to ensure that they are secure to the front seat passengers strap. When booking the spare seating space on-line, please type the first name of the passenger as "INFANT".

In the event that an alternative seating position is reserved, the free luggage charge for babies and the children's charge will be waived.

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