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Looking far-sighted and desperate for tips to get your baby to sleep? It was a terrible sleeper, not helped by regular croup and night terrors. Dr. Richard Ferber explains his approach to baby sleep.

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Bad sleepers: doctors' advice for vigilant infants

Often sleeping is a much appreciated asset among new mothers, so it's no wonder that it can be an emotionally charged matter to get your baby to go to sleep. Dr. Richard Berber, the sleeping scholar, has brought his groundbreaking bestseller up to date by building on his progress in sleeping comprehension and attempting to correct misunderstandings about his technique.

Look at his thoughts about baby sleeping and how to go about these insomniacs.... Often mothers and fathers believe that if their baby is a nervous slumberer or cannot sit down at bedtime, it is because he or she is a bad slumberer by birth or does not need as much sleeping as other kids of the same aging.

Those convictions are almost never real. Practically all infants without significant dysfunctions, whether in medicine or neurology, have the capacity to be asleep. While it is natural for a baby (or adult) to briefly awake a few times at night, these excitements should last only a few seconds or even a few moments and the baby should fall asleep again lightly alone.

Indeed, the misconception that your baby cannot get a normal night's rest may have a major impact on how his sleeping patterns develop from the date you take him home from work. I' ve seen many mothers and dads, to whom the midwife in the delivery ward said: "Your baby hardly ever gets any rest.

By making a parent like this believe their baby is a bad sleeper and there is nothing they can do about it, they allow him to evolve bad sleeping patterns; they don't think he can evolve good ones. However, almost all of these kids are potentially sleepers, and with only a few interventions they can teach themselves how to get a good night's rest.

It'?s a fact that kids differ in their punching power. A few babies are very good sleepers from the moment they are born. When they get older, they not only keep sleeping well, but it becomes hard to awaken them even if you try. Nights they fall asleep in different situations: light or darkness, still or loud, still or messy.

Sometimes they can put up with interruptions in their sleeping plans and even in times of intense emotion they get a good night's rest. Others seem by nature to be more prone to their sleeping habits being disturbed. Every shift in sleeping habits - an illness, hospitalization or the attendance of house guests - can lead to a deterioration in their sleeping behaviour.

Although these kids have always been regarded as "non-sleepers", we usually find that they too can get quite satisfactory sleeping if we have changed their routine, schedule, environment or interaction within the group. These kids may still have odd night sleeps, but if the new routine is followed rigorously, regular pattern returns quickly.

Of course, there are kids who don't get much rest for some reason we haven't seen before, but these issues are very rare and only make up a small proportion of the kids we see with insomnia. When your baby is very awake at night, it can be enticing to think that he is one of those really unfortunate sleepers.

These cases of really bad sleepiness are quite uncommon in otherwise ordinary infants. There is a good chance that your child's sleeping problems can be resolved. It almost certainly has a natural innate capacity to fall into and to fall to sleep. The same applies if he has a sleeping disorder such as somnambulism or bed-wetting.

Sometimes these issues, which occur during sleeping or guarding, are greater managerial than insomnia, but with the appropriate interventions they can usually be significantly reduced if they are not fully addressed. More from Dr Richard Ferber in his new tome book: Solve Your Child's Sleep Problem (Zinnober, £12.99).

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