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Embroidered Emporio Armani baby girl navy logo dress. Discover the most important baby items, including soft cotton dresses and new season's play-suits in prints and checks. Stupid goose clothes and dresses.

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Neonatal baby of a killed soldiers has a photoshoot with the army of her dad "brothers".

US Army specialist Chris Harris was murdered last August, but only a few weeks ago he found out that his woman Britt was pregnant with her first baby. Delivering the good word about FaceTime to her man, she designed a handcrafted romper that said, "Chris, you're going to be a DAAD!

Christopher M. Harris, SPC' Christopher Harris girl, who was murdered in battle last August, affectionately hold her nut in her hands, assisted by members of the Airborne Division 82. Brit gave life to the girl on 17 March 2018 and gave her name to her girls after Chris: Christian Michelle Harris. Brit organized a memorable journey for her husband's troops who came home from Afghanistan on the birthday of Christian.

There was a photo shoot specially set up so they could see Britt's little girl for the first one. them posing for the little one. To mark the event Christian was wearing a romper: "My dad, my hero" stood there. Christian was in the center of her hand looking at the film.

It is the latest in a series of recognitions Harris has given to her husband's soldiers. Everything I do, I do to keep Chris' memories and to show Christian how unique she is," said Brittany Harris about her little girl. As destiny would have it, the child even has a conspicuous similarity with his deceased dad - especially with his ice-blue-eyed eyes.

It' s fresh to see those blues again," Britt said. Brit says she now has a special quest to make sure her little "miracle princess" grew up and knew all about her father. Said her husband's troops were there for her every move of the way.

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