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I have a lot & more like new baby clothes. The topic is for users to discuss eBay, not for advertising eBay articles. When you have little time and lots of similar items, consider selling them as a package - this works especially well with baby clothes.

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Several British retail outlets have ceased to sell their product following warning from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA had previously asked mothers and fathers not to use the product. A positioner designed for babies under six month of age should keep a baby in a certain posture during sleep.

As a precaution, we have taken these off our website." eBay, the eBay merchant, said MailOnline would stop offering baby sleeping positions on its website and delete it. Nevertheless, there were still several hundred items available for purchase on the Thursday Nacht website.

In 2010, the FDA issued its first warning against baby sleeping positioning devices - prompting some retail stores to draw the articles only to finally put them back on the shelves. The FDA posted in its update recommendation online: "Those devices - sometimes referred to as "nests" or "anti-roll" devices - can cause asphyxiation (shortness of breath) and thus cause deaths.

"positioning devices are designed to hold a baby in a certain posture during bedtime and are designed for babies under 6 month of age." In order to decrease the chance of sleep-related fatalities, as well as sudden death syndrome, babies should be able to rest on their backs, placed on a solid, empty bedding, said the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Schlaflieder Trust also warned against the use of baby sleeping positions.

On eBay, how to sell: eBay sales recommendations 44

When you are a merchant - a party who manufactures or purchases goods with the intent to sell them - the purchaser has the same legal right as when purchasing in a store. New and used articles - see the Consumer Right Handbook for more information. Merchants are also obligated to sign up as eBay retail vendors.

When you are a retailer and you are using the Buy and Sale Now and not just a default bidding style, the consumer contract terms and conditions are applicable. According to the rules, purchasers have 14 working days after receipt of the product to inform the seller that they wish to take it back. You' ll have another 14 whole day to give it back.

In the case of privately owned vendors it is a reservation - let the purchaser take care. The only legal right of the purchaser is that the described article is fair and the proprietor has the right to resell it. According to eBay policy, purchasers are entitled to a reimbursement even if the article is "not as described", i.e. does not correspond to the seller's specification.

The turnover of tradesmen is subject to the Consumer Law Act, irrespective of whether they use buy-it-now or not. For this reason, businessmen have to be more diligent with description than retail vendors.

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