Essential Baby Items List

List of the most important baby articles

To have a happy baby, you don't have to buy everything in the baby shop! You can read and download these few important things that your newborn needs and you need. What could you not do without Essential Baby Items?

`Ive 2 lo's & this is stuff I couldn't possibly survive without. Wrap around rug - this is great to keep the baby safe and cosy for the first few week, but it is big enough to last as a regular rug. Wipers - in store you can get 12 ampers of cardboard for £7 at mo.

Bodysuits XX10 - a few grocery store packages, so don't wash all the time. You need newborns, 0-3 tend to flood every baby under 8 pounds. x3 Diapers - Get these on 3 packages quote should you see through for a few short weeks, don't go overboard on 1 sized diapers because you will be surprised how quickly they come in 2 sized.

Also, unless you have cash of coupons, you simply get your own store marker. Pajamas XX7 - You'll be surprised how filthy they can get. You' gonna be using this a lot, 2/3 a head for the first few week. You will also find that there are many offers at the present time and you probably don't want to search the stores or the web in January as Asda still has supplies of material from her baby show that is getting cheaper.

Even if you find something you really like and you just need to have it, look around the web first, you'll be surprised how much you can safe.

Which are the most important baby articles?

In the last few weeks a girlfriend of mine who is with her first baby asked me what she calls a "big question". Being a mother of two children, my list is now quite different from what it would have been if I had been asked the same questions after the first baby was born over six years ago.

When I left the home, I did not take my baby without a full diaper pouch and many "just in case" items. So I made my list and sent it to my boyfriend, but I realized that this was my own list and that other folks could have very different notions. If I had known about some of these items with my first kid, it would have been even more difficult to create my Top 10 list, and I probably never would have been able to get out of the home.

Due to the unbelievable feedback on this issue, it was resolved to expand the Top 10 to a Top 20. To what extent is this different from your list and would you consent?

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