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All of us know the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby's growth and development, but you probably don't know about all the other brilliant things you can use breast milk for. The GEORGIA CARE company provides essential goods. "This is a terrible state of affairs and individuals are determined to find security for themselves and their family. David Gazashvili, Assistant Executive Vice President of ZARE, who is in Georgia during the dispute, said: "CARE urges all political groups to provide secure gateways for human rights organisations to vulnerable populations. Over 10,000 individuals, most of them from South Ossetia, are already enrolled in the various IDP sites in Tbilisi and surrounding towns.

The majority of those affected escaped from their houses, only with their clothing on their backs. An 71-year-old female from the Artsavi community in the Tskhinvali region said to employees at Tskhinvali that this was the second traumatic event in their lives. "At first I escaped from Tskhinvali 18 years ago and was driven out in my own land; and during all these years I lived with my family.

Now they were driven out with me. Immediately, CAARE initiated an immediate contingency measure and continues to evaluate the extent of the current economic downturn. This needs analysis unit works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Refugees and Shelter (MRA), the Tbilisi Municipal Governor and officials of the Tbilisi authorities to determine the precise number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the needs for them.

Immediate intervention enabled CAARE to provide essential supplies such as potable, grocery (including buckwheat, travel wheat, grain, vegetable oils, wheat, bread, noodles, preserves, tinned foods, maccaroni, sugar teas ), baby foods and supplies (milk powders, oatmeal and diapers) as well as toiletries (soap, tissue papers, garbage sacks, feminine products, sinks and towels) to 170 in Tbilisi and 500 in Rustavi.

It has mobilised its own ressources and effort to tackle the challenges of those who have lost their homes not only in Tbilisi and surrounding towns, but also to help those further westwards in Borjomiistrict. The Akhaltsikhe branch of CAARE, together with Borjomi community officers, participated in the needs analysis on 12 August.

Approximately 1,000 persons have already moved to the town. "As we are aware, it will be necessary to help the victims of this crisis beyond the immediate need. It is therefore crucial to develop a long range reaction policy that will allow these individuals to thrive in freedom and dignity," said Jonathan Puddifoot, CARE Country Director in Georgia.

Please address further information to the Tbilisi branch of CARE: 74a, I. Chavchavavadze it. Tbilisi, 0162, Georgia. Via CARE: Established in 1945 with the establishment of the CLARE package, CLARE is a premier human itarian organisation for combating worldwide destitution. With more than six decennia of disaster relief expertise, CCARE has a strong track record in disaster response.

Responding to emergencies focuses on the needs of the most vulnerable groups, especially young children and mothers. Our expertise shows that the success of our projects is reflected in the services we provide to the family and community.

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