Everything a Baby needs

All a baby needs

In this spirit, we have created this practical checklist for everything you need during your pregnancy and for the first few months of your baby. Fresh mothers - baby and gestation On this page you will find a list of the services you are eligible for during pregnancy and information about motherhood, fatherhood and joint parenting leaves. This will also include other services that you may be able to obtain according to your particular situation. If you are expecting a child, you are eligible for up to one year pregnancy holiday. Every working expectant mother is eligible for 52 week (one year) pregnancy holiday, regardless of how long she has worked for her employers.

It consists of 26 normal and 26 extra week pregnancy leaves. During this time, you have a number of privileges and can also demand that your employers provide flexibility in working conditions if you choose to go back to work at the end of your holiday.

Learn more about legal parental leaves. The UK website has an on-line resource that can give you customised instructions on your mother's motherhoods. Their working conditions, such as your retirement benefits, are covered during legal parental leaves. When you are dismissed during your legal motherhood holiday, you also have additional privileges.

When you are expecting, your employers must safeguard your good health und security, and you may be entitled to pay parental leave. What if you are expecting a child? When you like your work and you like the kind of person you work with, you may have different emotions when you go on parental leave. However, if you are not a professional, you may not be able to get the job done. Make the most of these few wee few days before the birth of your baby.

Or you can get to know other expectant mothers with whom you want to stay in contact in the pre-natal courses, or you can get to know more local mothers. Check your employment status if you are on pregnancy, adopted or parenting leaves. Maybe you have opted to stay home for some of your baby's periods, or you are going to plan to return to work, either full-time or part-time, pretty soon after that.

When you are planning to go back to work, think in ahead about who will take care of your baby. Finding satisfying care services is not always simple and may take some while. Learn more about your right to go back to work after statutory maternity leaves. You may be entitled to parental leave if you are a prospective parent or spouse of a expectant mother, or if you are a spouse of a expectant mother, even a sibling.

They may be entitled to up to 26 additional week additional maternity leaves. Learn more about our fatherhood holiday. The UK has an on-line resource that can give you customised instructions on workplace maternity protection. It may be possible for you to divide your maternity and maternity leaves and make payment with your spouse. Joint maternity and maternity leaves are intended to give a parent the freedom to go back to work and allow a family to enjoy each other' s company in the early phases of a child's lives.

Holiday and salary can be divided after the first two week after the baby's delivery. That means that up to 50 and 37 holiday and salary periods can be split. They do not have to take all their joint paternity leaves at the same period. They can take up to three maternity leaves together (each maternity allowance must last at least a week) and go back to work in between.

You and your spouse can take joint maternity /paternity leaves at the same times so that you and your baby can share your home with them. Learn more about split paternity and paternity leaves and verify your entitlement. Policies and support exist for expectant mothers, regardless of whether they are gainfully employed or not.

Recipes and NHS treatments are free of charge during pregnancy and 12 month after your baby is born. Receive a MATEX ( "Maternity Waiver Certificate") valid 12 month after your due date. British website where you can find the latest information on your entitlements and services, even for expectant mothers and parent.

Complimentary breastfeeding, baby food, vitamin, fruit and vegetable for expectant mothers who receive certain services and for all expectant mothers under the age of 18. This is a monthly payout from your employers to help you take holidays before and after the birth of your baby. Learn more about the statutory maternity benefit even if you have to tell your employers that you are expecting.

You may be able to get maternity benefit through Jobcentre Plus if you are expecting or have a new baby but are not entitled to the statutory maternity benefit. Learn more about maternity benefit, as well as application formalities. When your spouse, your spouse (including same-sex partners) or your life companion gives life to or adopts children, you may be able to take legal paternity benefit to help you take leave from work to help them.

Learn more about the statutory paternity benefit, even if you need to let your employers know that you expect it. This is a monthly pay from your employers that helps you take leave when you are adopting a baby. Learn more about the legal adoption pay, how and when you can inform your employers about it.

When you have a low incomes and receive certain services or taxes, and there are no other kids under the age of 16 in your home, you can receive this one-time pay. Learn more about the Sure Start maternity benefit. Learn more about earning support, how and where you can make a claim. Learn more about the different types of support.

Assistance in repaying interest on mortgages if you are receiving certain services. Funding to help you stay independent in the fellowship or to reduce extraordinary pressures on you and your loved ones when you get certain services. As soon as you find out that you are expecting, you should seek counselling on the services. The services must be claim on different paperwork, from different agencies, according to what you claim.

A number of volunteer organizations provide information and guidance on workplace services and entitlements - try gingerbread and working families.

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