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and I had been through so much to get it. Tips for breast-feeding newborns: Anything for the first weeks at home, pregnancy, Pinterest. Pregnancy diet] 5 dangerous foods for your diet during pregnancy -- Click on the picture for more information. This should be done in conjunction with your normal breast/pump procedure. What should the baby be eating (or drinking mother's milk)?

Breastfeeding baby card - get enough?

Breast-feeding may be normal, but it still takes a great deal of work.

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I knew when I first embraced my baby that I would do everything in my powers to save this little one. I would do anything from that date to keep every single piece of my Precious Firstborn scalp in good condition.

My man and I did just that, quite literally. There. Had we found a hard hat small enough, we would have gotten one to cover her tender little fontanelle. Washing my hairdryer with baby cream, I intentionally put it in my eye to see if it was really "no tears".

And when I started to wean her, I splashed mother's milk in her baby formula. I' d make anyone who came to my pretty firstborn use antibacterial hand washing detergent before they had them. As my mom and dad babysit our Firstborn for the first toddler, we gave them a A4 user guide with four pages and precise timing for everything.

There was no show I would see appraisal active PG when the baby ACLEEP was on me. I' d be wiping my baby cloths off my breast warts before they hit the lip of my Precious First Born. I' d re-sterilize everything my man sterilized if he did it incorrectly. Precious Firstborn Bottom Steps 1 protection.

Precious Firstborn Bottom 2 Protector. Every goddamn day we changed her diaper when she awoke ( which was a lot) - even if it was a little wet. Once I phoned the 24-hour helpline at 2am because my Precious Firstborn was sleeping in her eyes.

You were everywhere trying to get my valuable newborn. because she wouldn't stop weeping. Do you think it's hot this evening? You think it's too hot for the baby? My husband's dresses I sprinkled with mother's breast so that if he wanted to calm her down, she would still be smelling Mommy.

If I crossed the street with Precious Firstborn in a baby carriage, I always stood at least two meters from the curb. So afraid to fall off with the baby on top of me, I would adjust my telephone alert to go off every halfhour. When our Precious Firstborn is without food for more than two long nights, we would awaken her just in case she starves to death in her sleeping state.

What did you do to try to save your Firstborn?

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