Everything U need for a Baby

All you need for a baby.

Sterilization: Everything you need to know. As soon as your baby is conceived, you will be spending the next 12 month sterilizing everything that comes into touch with his oral cavity. These include feeders, pacifiers, scoops, teething rings and playthings. In the first year, a baby is most susceptible to disease. Failure to sterilize the bottle can cause virus, bacterium and parasite accumulation and make your baby sick.

Christine Dugedre, Milton International Brand Manager and Sterilisation Consultant, has talked online with Milton International's three child mom about the importance of sterilisation and her best advice. Vasectomy? What is sterilization? Sterilization is a specific way of cleansing your baby's feed ers, tanks, litter and breastpumps to make sure they are totally free of pathogens that can make your baby sick.

Sterilization is possible in two ways: with cool liquid and a sterilization liquid - such as sterilization pills or sterilization liquid - this is the Milton chilled liquid method. Milton' method of chilled sterilization is so straightforward to use! Simply use cool mains and either a Milton Sterilization Liquid lid or a Milton Sterilization Pill in a Milton sterilizer - it's that straightforward!

How long do I have to sterilize what? All devices that come into direct physical contact with the baby's lips should be sterilized. These include feeders, pacifiers, scoops, teething rings and playthings. In any case, you should sterilize the first year of a child's lifetime as its immunity system develops.

You should then keep sterilizing your bottle and teat as long as the baby is using them. Shall I flush my bottle before sterilizing and what should I use? Using the supplied scrubber, the simplest way is to thoroughly clean yourself in Milton detergent and soap.

What do I do to vacuum-cleaner? Cylinders should be refilled immediately after removal from the sterilizer. What does electrosterilisation do? Electrical sterilizers do not need chemical or flushing and are easily connected to the walls. It kills germs with the help of warmth from the vapor. Sterilization lasts from six to 15 min.

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of electrosterilisation? However, the biggest disadvantage of this is that you need power, which is not always possible when you are not at home. Could you sterilize vials in the microwaves? Milton Combi or Mikrowave Sterilizer is a 2-in-1 sterilizer that sterilizes in the microwaves for 2 minutes or longer.

May I cook some vapor flasks? Cook the feeder in boiling hot tub for at least 10 min and make sure that all objects remain under the top of the tub. Keep in mind that using this technique will damage your teats more quickly. Periodically inspect nipples and flasks to make sure they are not ripped, broken or damage. When not in immediate use, the flasks should be fully assembled with the nipple and cap to avoid contamination of the inside of the sterilized flask.

To sterilize the sterilizer, how often? A sterilizer doesn't need to be sterilized. If using a micro-wave or electrical sterilizer, it is recommended to tumble-dried them after each use.

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