Expensive Baby Clothes

Costly baby clothes

Mothers who do without meals to buy fashionably labelled clothes for their children. She' s not even a year old yet, but Harper Seven Beckham is already making news, thanks to the adorable fashions of Mother Victoria. Neglect foreseeable babygroos and platform suits, only the best design fashions will do for Posh and Becks' little one. Victoria isn't alone when it comes to showing off baby clothes.

Gavin, like David Beckham, is horrified at how much I have to pay for our children's cloakrooms. He' d be glad to see them in cheaper clothes, but I' m totally crazy. But when I had Oliver, we got designers who gave us rompers as a gift and they look so sweet that I was addicted.

Ralph Lauren's miniture polarities, diesel denim and Timberland footwear. So I buy big size design things on sale and put them away when they get older. Some mothers wouldn't even think of purchasing old seasonal goods, but I'm not that horrible! of Oliver and Chloe's clothes:

Buying at Topshop and Warehouse, but my man Adam likes design labeling and I have designed our boys as minis! I can' t bear to wear clothes that look like children with images of pets and cattle. I would never buy my sons' clothes in cheap stores like Primark. My preference is to surf in chic fashion stores and design sites like Back to the Baby Rack.

Ralph Lauren and Gant are my favorite brands for the guys because they are classical and classy. When I had Olivia, however, I wanted her to look extra, so I went to Selfridges and tried on a little Dior coat and Prada boots similar to those Harper Beckham would have on.

Then I became a repeat customer at a HoneyBeez baby shop, where I now get most of their clothes. First I didn't sent them to the game group in their expensive uniforms because I didn't want them to be wrecked. However, now I've made up my mind that I want to get my money's value out of their design things, so I'm sending them in.

I am on a small household but as a lone mother I always find ways to buy Olivia's clothes. Even though she quickly outgrows things, I keep all her design clothes and don't resell them.

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