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Most expensive baby products. They want the best for your baby, but sometimes baby products can give you a sticker shock. The most expensive baby is buying? Sixteen luxurious presents - Prominent Messages

Babies will be carried off into a fantasy realm of styles and comforts, in the beautiful, mellow William Sharp Pink Pink Cashmere swimsuit, completed with a fluffy and fitting fluffy hat and sock. Kristallknöpfe round off the look and ensure a radiant night's rest. 04, the wonderfully ruched Lulla Smith Pretty Baby Crib Linen Set rules the baby bed linen game.

Her baby is reported to be able to follow Suri Cruise's preferences by floating in this velvety linenset (but hopefully not in the garden). Perhaps it is not the most expensive stroller on the shelves, but the Fendi-Inglesina stroller is certainly one of the most famous in its luxurious look, its drippy look, its elegant and, let's be honest, its high cost.

In addition to its stylish look, the stroller has an amazing number of useful features, such as a multi-level couch, convenient shoulder strap attachments on the bag, and a full hanging system that makes your baby feel great walking in the garden in the afternoons. The Fendi Bottle & Zucca pushchair for a meager 96 pounds will help you and your fashionable baby want more from the Fendi-Inglesina stroller!

Although this (only slightly) more expensive than the standard baby flask, it is certainly a must for all your prospective Vogue writers and haute fashion designer. Have you ever asked yourself where Kate and Will will keep the baby toy, book and kingly little things? These handpainted vintage Circus toy boxes made of alder and birch would look great in any day care center.

Bambizi Hestia crib's tall post and sleek legs give the baby the feeling of almost sleep in a coronet. Growing with its happy owners, it turns from a child's cots into a toddler's cots and then into daily cots - but no dirty prints on them.

Bringing to you the children's rooms of Princes Will and Harry and those of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, nothing will make your Basket more than this! On a breathtaking 2995, the King baby will be spend those first few days sleepin' in the dragons of Walton Strait, the beauty of Moses basket sleep?

Dragoons of Walton Street The Little Duchess Upholstered Bed, prices on inquires! What if the Imperial Baby is a "she", will she become an adult and be transformed into the stunning Walton Street dragon, the little duchess upholstered bed? Supposedly ordered by princely princesses from all over the globe, this wonderful item of jewellery, which is quite simply regal, was created by princely households from all over the globe, and it is not surprising that there is no fixed pricelist.

Manufactured from 100% supremely smooth Scots Kashmir, the Cheeky Monkeys Baby Blanket Personalized are handbroidered with your baby's name or emblem. Must-have for your proud and heroic baby, this fabulous design is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind addition to the classic wicker baskets, cribs and bassinets from Mose. There are only 800 pieces produced in the world - will Kate be one of the happy mothers she gets to be king?

If you think you've seen everything, then the 3rd Diamond pacifier comes for the most luxury baby in the whole wide range. For the vertiginous £12226 prize, this can be a diamonds that goes too far for Kate and Will. Onda Luxy Rubbles offer the ultimative bathing and baby spoiling experiences.

Finish off your baby's design look with these Christian Dior Ribbon Tie Booties.

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