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The third baby of Kate and Will is further evidence that the king's house must be nationalized.

Like Princess Margaret's boy, who became a fancy "carpenter of society". Nevertheless, there are probably too many who get some kind of government grant, more or less concealed, perhaps by charm and preferred housing, with the government wallet "Promotion Britain", which is often not distinguishable from a free vacation, or having recourse to another type of government facility.

In order to honor them, Prince Charles and the Queen have decided to rationalize the pensions and monies that go to the many members of the tribe via the Sovereign List (elected by Parliament) or otherwise. Cutting is possible on the hanging knots of the pedigree. Anyway, there are many royal houses, probably more than at any point in our entire story.

Altogether I wish Mama Kate and the baby to come all the best. By the way, the Sovereign Grant is related to the value of the crown property - property of the state and was considered the property of royalty and princes before the middle of the 18th centuries. However, I do not agree that this is really "private".

This is the realities of the relation between independence and supremacy (which, as the EU referendum shows, lies tightly with the people) and it is timely that the King's Finance should keep pace with the process of democratising UK societies. Altogether, the Queen is probably the best part of half a billion dollars rich; for most ratios so extreme, but not on the order of a few in the galaxy.

It'?s in fact publicly owned. It seems that the Queen's grandmother, Queen Mary, would simply look up at a grand house and if she imagined some beautiful pieces of furnishings, she would simply let fall a serious clue to this effect and, behold, it would be in a truck going to Buck House.

All of us must ask ourselves what is the best use of these investments and, above all, make sure that they are invested in a way that is not insulting to the remainder of the domestic hostage. We need members of the King's House who carry out their official functions correctly to be paid with fixed days of holiday and expenditure in the same way as all other officials.

So, the king and queen must be nationalized. Following this unpleasant period in 1997, the Queen stabilized the institutional structure and made a long journey back to secure fame. It' s a worthwhile thing to keep, so it' s a worthwhile thing to make sure that it is of a reasonable size and that the funds are not redirected to dissolve the lavishness while those in difficulty are.

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