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Buy our new collection of children's clothing at Boden. Children's Best Fashion Brand - Little London Awards  The trademark� unique selling proposition lies in the form and versatility of the clothes that can be worn with the baby. In 2016 As We Grow won an Icelandic Design Award. Manufactured from high performance UPF50+ fabric that is chloride and solar creme proof as well as fast curing.

The Mini Rodini is a Swede children's clothing label created in 2006 by stylist Cassandra Rhodin as a homage to all kids, their fantasy and their feeling that anything is possible.

Playing, amusing aesthetics give kids clothing that matches their personalities, moods and creative abilities; each piece of clothing is not only enjoyable but also environmentally friendly. Mini Floor is a UK company that designs adventurous clothing for 0-16 year olds. Fashion label for young women, producing classy, contemporary clothing with a touch of traditional.

We use only top grade materials and everything can be laundered at 40C. Offering a new outlook on children's clothing, Yurika offers a fun line with style, personality and allure. To find style and function for the little ones should not be a job and so Penny Scallan Design has facilitated the quest.

Rachel Riley, a 20 year old UK based design artist, has created classical design for baby, boy and girl and made it a byword. In London, tailor-made with nature materials from Britain's oldest windmills, his inheritable, ethic items commemorate Britain's legacy while revitalizing the contemporary UK look for the next age. Wild & Gorgeous was founded in 2006 and is the leading UK party wear group.

Best sustainable fashion labels for kids

Leading the way in the sustainability of fashion is Livia Firth, who has chosen Stella Kids, Popupshop, Smalls and Yoli & Otis as her favorites, but says, "Handprints with boyfriends and girlfriends are a vital asset because children's apparel is ready for such a brief period. Continue reading for a listing of the best fashion decisions for kids:

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