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Parents of a transgenic child: "The night my four-year-old boy said to me that he was a girl".

Kathryn* and Mark's mom and dad are chatting and watching Jack, nine, and Rubin, seven. Though Ruby - in a Hello Kitty T-shirt holding a puppet - looks like any seven-year-old girls, the same sequence would have shown two years ago a five-year-old kid named Ruby. Kathryn knew early on that he was not like his older brothers.

When Rudy, as a small child, chose to play with my jewelry to play car games, I thought, "He's just another kid. "As soon as he could make up his mind, Rudy showed a quiet penchant for gambling with and dressing for the girl. She began doing research and found video footage of US transnationals such as Jazz Jennings, the youthful YouTube figure who became a woman at the age of five.

Though Rudy's family doctor described it as a "phase", Kathryn was resolved to be transferred to an NHS Department of Homosexuality. Crossexual hormones, either estrogen or hormone estosterone, which is the conversion mechanism of the human organism into a more masculine or feminine, can only be used from the age of 16 of a baby.

An operation is only possible after 18 years and if the individual has been living full-time as his/her favourite sex for at least one year. Greens is committed to reviewing current law for transgenders and to improving assistance and treatment for at-risk youth. Towards the end of first grade at college, Rudy began to wear girls' clothes at home.

I showed his instructor pictures," says Kathryn. Kathryn and Mark agreed this summers vacation in Spain to let the then six-year-old Rudy carry what he wanted. Returning home, for the new semester Ruby selected the uniforms of a young woman and asked to be named Ruby. and he - now she - was so lucky.

Tom's highschool, on the other Palm, was struggling with his passage. Tom quit this class and had a while of personal instruction and is now in 6th grade elsewhere.

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