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21 June 1982: when Princess Diana gives life to Prince William.

Born on the same date in 1982 in St Mary's in Paddington, London, Prince William, the UK's prospective sovereign prince, was the first baby to be royally conceived in a clinic. Diana, his dam, Princess of Wales, who had gone into labor a few early pregnant women than anticipated, gave life to the King at 9:03 p.m. about 16 ours after her admission.

Prinz Charles was at her side all morning. William was supplied by the gynecologist George Pinker, the Queen's plastic surgeon, weighing 7 pounds 1.5oz at the time of delivery. Immediately he became secondary to the English heir, to his dad. Despite the untimely damp conditions, large numbers of people had assembled in front of the clinic throughout the entire afternoon, while other congratulators assembled at Buckingham Palace to hope for a new comeback.

Williams was first seen by the media and the general public later on that particular date, when his mom and dad took him up the stairs to the clinic to be welcomed by the rejoicing and cheering of the tenacious spirits who had stayed for the event. Christened Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, the young Duke of Canterbury on August 4 - the 82nd anniversary of his great-grandmother, the Queen Mama.

It was given the full name William Arthur Philip Louis. Did you know that, Prince William? Sheila Kitzinger, a native birthing specialist and writer, said Princess Diana gave birth to William in a state of stagnation, assisted by Prince Charles. Bookmaker William Hill took wagers on the new prince's name. George was the favorite of the evenings, William the second favorite.

Williams went to the Ludgrove School in Wokingham before he enrolled at Eton College in 1995. Williams was 15 years old when his dam, the Princess of Wales, was murdered in a Paris automobile accident on 31 August 1997. Him and his younger brothers Prince Harry went after their entourage at their burial on September 6 together with their dad and nephew Earl Spencer.

They were roommates of his prospective bride Kate Middleton in St Andrews. King George's boy, Prinz George, was conceived on 22 July 2013 in the same wings of the same infirmary as his ancestor. Princess Charlotte, a second offspring, followed on 2 May 2015.

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