First Baby Essentials Checklist

Liste de vérification des éléments essentiels du premier bébé

Basic baby products | ZALANDO UK Most important first, your little darling will need his own capsular cloakroom. That means baby grow, pyjamas and everything in one. Put on a hot overall and a pyjama to keep little wrists and legs hot on this chilly morning. The wait for your little boys or girls to perform can seem like an eternity, but it's getting you started.

Use our practical checklist to get an idea of what's important, divided into core areas - clothing, restroom items, nutrition and everything you need to get around. For the first few week growing teen baby can soon grow out, so it is advisable to supply yourself with a wide range of baby size - from the neonate and beyond.

Don't be worried if you have to turn up your sleeve or your leg first - your little one will look great in everything. For carrying or pushing? No matter whether you are carrying your baby in a baby wrap or pushing it in a pushchair, mum knows best. Make sure you don't lug more than you can handle - your baby diaper pouch will definitely be more of a week-end pouch than a clutch-pouch.

For a long period of your little sweetheart will not want to deviate from your side. There is a bassinet or running lattice perfect for the lounges - so you have your hand free and your personal space always in sight. When your baby can't take the lead yet, try a baby carriers so you're never far away.

It is so important to keep the little one as soon as possible (and you won't believe how often it happens). In order to keep pollutants out, rely on hard-wearing baby clothes and thoroughly clean everything at least 1-2 washes after the sale.

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