First Baby Stuff to buy

The first baby accessories to buy

First-time pregnancy vs. second stage pregnancy At present 17 week / four month / 125 day expectant, after IVF therapy, with same identical twins girl. Getting Pregnant - I knew exactly what food I couldn't feed, and was devout to prevent it. Secondly - I have a rather rough notion of the food I should not be eating, but I keep losing it.

Getting pregnant - I worked full timed in a newspaper bureau, 9.30-18pm Monday to Friday and was frantic, frantic, frustrated not to let any ball fall or to affect the workmanship of my work, although I felt disgusting / worn out / like a big cetacean in later years. For the second consecutive year - I am now working for myself and have chosen to decelerate the HECK DOWN.

In my first term, I worked less, declined meetings, said no to events invites, and took many breaks in the afternoons. Definitely I had less sick this year, in comparison to the previous one - could that be the reason? I was so organized.

I had begun to buy things from a baby bathroom to shells, although I wasn't quite sure what shells were for and why I would need so many. Secondly - I know I have some stuff in the attic, I know I have some stuff to buy, I know I need to do some research because there are so many new things available since my last pregnancy, but have I seen it all?

Contrary to the last one I know that you can get along with minimum STUFF, so while I'm doing some research and buying new things, I'm not panicking. I had a pretty ordinary community lifestyle, you know, apart from the first few week of being nauseous and not being able to do much else than get to and from work every workday.

For the second consecutive year, I say no to many redundancy schemes. Every prick I felt in my abdomen caused me worry. On the second occasion, I'm so much more laid-back. Although I have a high-risk baby (both Gemini share the same place, so there's a chance that one Gemini has twin to twins transfusion syndrome where one Gemini gets more than the other blood), I'm not sure if I'm pregnant.

Getting a baby - I pre-washed every garment I purchased for my baby. Twice, I'm not sure I'll make an effort. When you are expecting, say hello, and when it is your second (or third/fourth!) gestation, tell me the difference you have made!

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