First things you need for a Newborn

The most important thing you need for a newborn baby

She had torn me to pieces after a traumatic birth and the first two weeks. So what am I supposed to tell the emergency services on the phone? Which documents do I need to apply for a passport for a baby?

I wish I'd known that before I had my baby.

Sunday I will get and mail a Mother's Day ticket for the first one. Although I have never forgot to celebrate the event and thank the victims of the mother's upbringing, only this year - when my seven-month-old girl was seven years old - did I really understand what I was thanking her for.

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Tips for fathers to become

Worry about how your newborn will influence your timing, your sleeping and your community lives. Your choice is entirely up to you, and you may be uncertain about his daily needs such as breastfeeding, belching, bathing, diaper wrapping or even the right way to bear your newborn.

Says, "Your baby's care is new from the start. Some of the first things you have to do can be quite discouraging, like taking a bath, diaper changes and food, but you get used to it. And the more of your life you spent looking after your children, the simpler these things will be.

Your child's mom may seem to have all the replies - after all, she did spend nine month bringing the infant with her - but that's new to her, too, and she needs your help. It is the moment to ask for additional help from your relatives and acquaintances who are willing to give it!

It could be sitting down or just at the other end of the telephone if you need to let off a little bit of vapour. When living with your baby's mother, make sure you take turns taking care of the child at nights so that you both get some rest and the whole burden is not on one of you.

Get as practical as possible - switch diapers, tell tales, start playing matches - so you have that period of commitment with your newborn. If you try the daily things - diapers changes, baths, cuddling in the " wine season " - earlier, the less daunting they will be.

Prioritize your activity - if your infant is holding you up all night, make sure you are resting when you have a shot. Make one move at a stretch - you can't know everything and you won't do everything right the first one. To be a new parental is one of the greatest challanges that anyone can go, take their own moments and try again.

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