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The first year of your baby they will change more than any other period of their lives, so we have put together some fun ways to record their first year. There are 5 ways to be inspired to start your baby's first year. The first year of your baby they will make more changes than any other part of their lifes. During the first few month of sleeping without sleep you may still be feeling as if you are going on forever, but afterwards it will quickly start to touch you. Soon, your lucky bunch will be strolling and chatting and you will be very thankful for the opportunity to look back at their first few memories.

These are some of our most popular ways to capture the first year of your baby on our Planet earth..... Baby books are a time-honored and great way to chronicle your baby's first year, with pages like Not On The High Street and Etsy that offer a vast selection of choices, many of which offer individual choices with your baby's name on them.

Every "chapter" can be a whole months in your baby's lifetime, and you can also add text to your copy. These can be memoirs of your baby, fun or unforgettable things that have been said or quotations that you like. When you are looking for something contemporary and a big fan of infographic images, did you know that you can get personalized "my first year" releases with your baby?

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can also work independently with your baby's most important statistics, landmarks and unforgettable memories, and of course one or two photos. Just browse and browse the 1 second daily application and capture a second movie every workday. At your baby's first anniversary, you can make your own movie that will be put together every 365 of the year, which is a nice reminder to show during their development.

Not only does this concept have to be in its first year. As long as you remain leaning, you can continue to represent your baby's growing into a real little one. When you are looking for something a little bit geeky and a little bit fun, the baby's first full year review is the same. Crossing a classic baby books and an unformatted diary, you can take as many or as few memos about the baby as you want all year round.

Similarly, you can buy an unformatted one-year journal and tell something about the baby every single night. It can be a nice present for your baby on his eighteenth anniversary. At the end a adorable and amusing one that will be great for the memoir. Select a plaything and take a picture of your baby with the plaything every year.

As the year comes to an end, put your photographs together into a montage and superimpose the text to tell how many month old the baby was at each time. If you include the toys, you can see exactly how much your baby has matured over the year and give them an indication of how small they were when they look back at the pictures in the coming years.

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