Free Baby Gear

Complimentary baby equipment

Have you received many free baby products in Denmark? The country is renowned worldwide for its welfare network: healthcare, jobless benefit and many ways to make parental work less burdensome, even subsidies for children. There are a number of privately owned businesses that have taken up where the governments stop and provided a number of free goods for those who are about to have their first children (including those who adopt).

The goods are known as baby packs. After using them ourselves, we can confirm that they are useful; our first months with nappies and towels as well as soothers ( rubber balls ) and sanitary items were done with the registration for these sevices. This is a tremendous saving, not to speak of a burden in the first few week (blurred) with your baby.

It is possible to get your baby pack before the delivery or up to six month after the delivery of your baby. It is recommended not to delay too long, as these are usually nappies with a neonatal population. Be sure to take a receipt with you when you go to the shop to collect your goods - either over the telephone or on paper.

Here's how you get your baby pack! Register and collect your Fakta baby packs from any Fakta Retailer. Contains a pack of nappies, a diaper cushion, a dummy and specimens of alternating substances such as ointment. Lidl babypackke is great! Comes with a large pack of nappies, bubble wrap, soother, towels and a small game.

These can be picked up at any BabySam. Contains some parent chemistry guides (in Danish), some hygienic product examples and an Angel Care nappy waste system as well as an inlay. When you are not sure, try it - there is nothing to loose as you will get the first bet for free!

So you can collect a baby pack from your Matas. With your subscription you will also receive rebates on babycare. A simple, useful one that comes with a large pack of nappies, towels, a dummy and a small toaster. The articles in each baby pack may differ slightly from those shown here.

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