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Newborn free of charge

Get free milk, fruit and vegetables through Healthy Start: free vitamins and vouchers. This is how you get your free Bounty package from Tesco To get your package, simply browse the Bounty Pr├ęgnancy, Birth & Baby application and show your In-App coupon to Customer Service at any store except Tesco Express. Bounty package? What's a Bounty package? The Bounty Package is a pouch of free sample and information to help pregnant women and new families find out more about their pregnancies and babies' needs.

In addition to practical free patterns for your little ones, you will get discount coupons, special deals and a useful guidebook with ratings and tips. When you collect it from Tesco, you will get a special bulk pack of Tesco Love's diapers and scarves. Where can I get my bunty kits?

Just browse and the Bounty application and you can pick up your Mum-to-be package from your mobile in-store. Your newborn bounty package will be delivered to the delivery unit - for the first few day. Keeping the Bounty application up and running means that if your kid is about four and a half month old, you can cash in your next package - the Growing Family pack.

Dies offers free Tesco Love's full size diapers and full size towels for older infants. So what else do I need for my newborn? And if you're still asking yourself what else you need for your child, just take a look at our check list for bags for hospitals or our check list for newborns.

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