Funky Baby Boy Gifts

Baby Boy Funky Gifts

Purchase the perfect new baby gift & choose from our range of personalized & unique ideas. Funky Footprints lights and sounds. In our collection of Christening Gifts you will find a range of gift ideas including personalised gifts, baby wear and silver accessories.

This is the ideal gift to celebrate a little boy or girl shop from our latest baby series.

Presents for kids | Unique gift ideas for kids

Finding fun and thrilling gifts for children can be quite hard, can't it? Children nowadays seem to have everything, and unfortunately too many of them have forgot how to game. So, whether you are looking for gifts for boys or gifts for gals or maybe even gifts for tweens; whatever you are looking for, you will find many gifts for children here.

Children gift ideas! Often we find that the best and most gifts for children are those that they can use to interact with other children or that are in some way instructive or handy. When we are a parent, we often buy many different gifts for children so that they can unpack more for Christmas or birthday.

That can make your job quite hard if you are looking for Kids Present Ideas because you have a great deal more to look for. Lean back, rummage through and savour our gifts for children that will make your lives a whole hell of a relief.

Happy Birthday Baby Cookie Gift Box

Lovingly personalized crafted and hand-decorated gingerbread biscuits to commemorate a baby. There are 6 biscuits in the box: an elephant, a little duck, a baby rattles, a badge, a small hart and a floral. This is the ideal present for a baby party. These biscuits are wonderfully wrapped in a beautiful blank case with gold strip.

Here you will find the listing of our biscuits' ingredient types; ice cream ingredients: King powdered sugars - powdered sugars, dehydrated proteins, anti-caking agents (tricalcium phosphate E341), gel dyes. See FAT contents for hypersensitivities, as well as gluten-containing grains. The Funky Dog Partner Shipping. However, we use our first class signing for mail to ship our cookie throughout the UK and need a sign on receipt.

See the shipping information and other information about shipping from Funky Food Partner. It will take 4-5 working days to make this article especially for you before it can be shipped. Deliveries must be made at least 5 workingdays from receipt of order. This period is prolonged to 7 working days during periods of high season.

Since we ship all our goods in good order and order, we cannot ensure that the shipment process will always be flawless, although we do ensure that the packaging is correctly and unambiguously marked for use. We expect all orders to reach the indicated destination no later than 5 workingdays after the notification e-mail has been "dispatched". The destination adress will be prolonged to 10 working days during high season.

Purchase orders that do not reach their final destinations after 15 consecutive business day will be considered to have been forfeited. Clients must notify us within 21 calendars of the "sent" notice in order to receive a reimbursement, after which a business may, at our option, be credited.

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