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The Funky Baby Clothes & ; Custom Baby Converse Sneakers P & ; P. Cool Baby Clothing Shop, Bio-Unisex-Babykleidung.

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The store began 2.5 years ago as a stand that sold handmade diaper cakes and presents next to babywear. From what clients said about closing so many baby stores, I learned very quickly that there is a hole in the mother's grocery store for mothers who buy everything they need for their little ones in one place.

The Funky Baby Boutique was founded 18 month ago and opened a very small store on a high street in Park Parade Havant. My supplier provides me with high class baby and children's clothing, which offers outstanding value for my customers. Some beautiful girl I have to wear particular opportunity and some beautiful boy I have to wear particular opportunity.

There is a good choice of favourite baby and children's clothing as well as mosquito nets and other favourite objects. We wash and iron all articles and they are of good workmanship. Many articles are still marked with originals. My word is that your Funky Baby Boutique purchase will be a memorable and memorable event and I trust it will make you want to come back again and again.

Strange clothes for classy infants

The columnist Gemma is sharing her favorite articles with us. Couple of week ago I made a contribution that shows what I think is the best and most sweet baby clothes available at the time. So we had our own classic pink and blue and plain, lightweight models. But not everyone wants to wear their little ones in "sweet, traditional" clothes.

Parents who are up to date with the latest fashions and are weirder with their taste in fashions are right to have their kids on stage! Upstairs are my top pick for your funky apes! Oh! all-in-one and'I Rock' top by Baby London, Elodie detail bottle and mug, Skibz bib, Inch Blue boots, Toby Tiger gown and rompers.

So how do you get your little ones dressed?

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