Funky Childrens Clothes

Children's Funky Clothing for Children

Look at her reach with us here.....


Look at her reach with us here...... Lively Sweden, beautiful designs and high craftsmanship - this is Villervalla. This series is available from newborns - 10 years. Look at her reach with us here...... Tough, watertight and sometimes isolated. UBANG baby blechat is a Denmark -based company that aims to awaken fantasy and game.

Look at her reach with us here...... Take part in our lifestyles, we have clothes for 7-16 year old and accessoires for every age. That' s why you have to make sure your kid wears the right shoes for what they do - we know what kid needs and after testing them on our 2 little racks, it' our best shoe!

They are lightweight and yet robust, hot & watertight and, as an additional plus, extremly long-lasting, so they grow out once - give them away! One of our favorites is our favourite KITE: We like great designs, good qualities and our planets. All with their own designs in best workmanship for any kind of use. Sikke Ej Lej is an esteemed Denmark trademark of great craftsmanship for kids who want to be just that, kids!

The Moccis are ideal shoes for adults and youngsters! Kozi Kidz is a Sweden -based company that is dedicated to ensuring that your child can play outside in all weathers - so that matches our corporate culture! Look at her reach with us here......


Malheureusement, we no longer have the product you are looking for in stock. I' m sure your little girl loves to get new clothes ! Browse Ă  travers nos derniers vĂȘtements et accessories pour filles. No matter whether you need a new party outfit, a comfortable leisure outfit for playing or a few gorgeous accessories - we have something for you !

But be careful - with our great selection you are guaranteed to want to take everything you want to take everything you want ....


I have 3 kids at the age of 8, 4 and 18 month. I was inspired to work in the clothing business when I was a kid and when I chose to raise a baby, working in the children's business seemed like a logical decision. Have you had any professional education in designing?

  • if yes, what/where was your education? What were your weekly workouts? What was the best workout for your kids? First, I started the company on a very small scale. What was it? Back then I lived in East Dulwich in London and there was a small designer store name Avent.

Formerly my man had founded a web site company named Subfusion and he proposed to place the site on a website. My girlfriend Kate Owens took the pictures, my girl did the modeling, like all kids at least once over the years!

From the beginning I was very careful and kept things very small, first I made the clothes myself and then I paid the people. So far I have not lent any significant amounts of funds to found or evolve Kheekaboo, although I will do so in the next 12 month once all the kids are in kindergarten and board.

The qualifications I gained in fashion marketing were helpful, but otherwise I did everything myself. Have you done a research to know that your company would work? There was no research to see if the deal would work, it all came natural, so I didn't felt asked about a research drive.

Manage the shop and the whole administration from home. You make all the clothes yourself? They are my own kids and those of my boyfriends who listen to what mothers say, that they are missed or not available in stores. Trying to make clothes that make baby's look sweet, so that you can still look at them and think well when you're exhausted and die for a good night's rest, at least they look beautiful!

It' s so important to make sure that you get enough for yourself, even if it's just an early morning with a little bit of a good story, trying to be a lone father and keep working means to learn to keep a good equilibrium, when Mom is losing her power the whole NPH community can hurt, so I try to take really good really good care of myself.

What does the career look like in your home? During the 2 working day, the kids are either in class or with one of their grand parents. Every child grew up with me at work, so they never knew anything else, but since I have the smallest, I try to keep work as far away from my home as possible.

I' ve put the whole familiy in the first place now, I would rather stay a little behind the administrator than miss our common extra work. Not earning much cash, I founded the company out of loving him and had the intent to keep things small while I had a young one.

To be alone means that the need to keep things straight may have lasted much longer than I had initially expected, and I could not grow the store the way I had imagined. There is still much room for this and this September my medium sized girl will start college and the youngest will be able to start a few kindergarten meetings which will set a great deal of my days free and hopefully give me a little more power so I am currently working on a 3 year long buisness programme to cheek, adding new assortments and entering a long run marketer.

I' ve been using Reiki at home with me and my kids for over 3 years and have found that it has benefited us all in some very challenging time. Hopefully I will take a few customers a weeks with me, sometimes for the cash, but also because it is normal, when you see what Reiki can do in your own lifetime, to want to transfer the power as much as possible to others.

Is there any advise for a mother or father who wants to begin school? My suggestion to anyone considering beginning their education in children's apparel is to be sure that there is a genuine love of fabrics, designs and creative work. Don't anticipate making a lot of cash and making sure you have a lot of help to help the kids, and just someone to discuss things, share your thoughts, and so on.

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