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Billieblush Shop clothes for baby and girls. Shop at the Girls' Holiday Shop for clothes to prepare for your big trip; our tailor-made collection ranges from tops to dresses, skirts and swimwear. Create t-shirts for you and your American Girl doll - funky and casual. Women's golf clothing at reduced prices with all top brands such as Adidas, Chervo, Calvin Klein, Footjoy, Green Lamb and many more.

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Ladies and youth fashion 1972: Definition of the 70s style

Was the 1972 fashion something really unique? I' m assuming that it's nothing that elevates it beyond other years, except that it really did define the "look" of the 70s. At ' 72 the feeling of the upbeat fashion was gone. They were replaced by a genre that connected hippie counters - no longer really a "bar", but a stream idea adopted by the biggest ever baby boomer generation.

In addition, Women's Lib had its effect, with trousers for woman appearing to be the "in" look. Let's stop talkin' about'72 style and take a look at 'em. Here, assembled from the remotest parts of the classic model scene (fashion magazine, collegiate yearbook, handicrafts brochure, and more), are some great samples of women's and teens' clothing from the great old year of the nineteen hundred and seventy-two.

Made from Harper's Bazaar (December 1972), this page contains funky plateau footwear and broad, plump trousers; trademark of the early 70' era. Courageous leggings were one thing in the 70'; a funny kind of styling I'd like to see again. Introducing trousers for ladies did not mean the immediate demise of the mini skirt; it was still living and good in 1972.

Those checked and checked trousers, don't you think? Actually, they were loved by both men and woman and were quite omnipresent in the early 70s. Whereas women's fashion dominates the 70s look, you can see that youth fashion still had a distinct 60s feeling. The page was taken from a teenage newspaper in 1972; it's a little disturbing that the girls' clothes are not as unlike Pinocchio's.

It is a kind of stile like this that made all the 70s into a horror in the 80s. I' d miss talking about the women's fashion of 1972 and not about the "bare-breasted" look. Damascus Texas ladies showing their splendour - go go go leather shoes were apparently still the anger in Lubbock, TX in '72.

In 1972 the trend was to have a very narrow, wrinkle-free top; the way to get that with narrow trousers and a mini skirt was the body. Teenage mode of 72 years, which still has a very good feeling in the 60s. It was a funny stroll through the 1972 ladies' wear.

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