Girl Baby Dress Collection

Girls Baby Dress Collection

Baby-girl's dresses & outfits in pink. Printed pink pullover dress and pantyhose outfit. Liberty's Sue Hill collection of pressure dresses and hand-knitted cashmere baby cardigans, cashmere baby blankets and baby shower gifts are simply exquisite. Pretty baby girls dresses from the age of newborns up to twenty-four months.

Inspired by high fashion, art and culture in their range of special baby and girl designer clothing.

Girl's clothing - Girls' fashion - Girls' fashion

Please be aware that during public holiday periods we process our general shipping orders within 3-5 business working days. Please notice that the payment of the premiums is only possible for orders placed Mo - Fr before 15.00 hrs. All orders received after 15.00 will be handled as normal deliveries (2-3 working days). Bring the consignment to your nearest postal service and do not neglect to provide evidence of your postal charges.

Please note that we are accepting all returned goods within 14 working day after the date of shipment. For models with straps, the strap must be part of the returned item for the reimbursement to be acceptable, so please be sure to include it in your returned parcel! You can expect up to 10 business day processing time for UK rebates and up to 15 business day processing time for worldwide rebates.

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