Girls for Sale

Girl for sale

Unhappily in Love girls for sale on eBay for £50 to find the right man. Sammy Maalem was offered for sale on eBay to find her a regular mate. Sammy, 27, who's been singles for a year, was thrown out, played around and even betrayed, so her Kyle 28 bro chose to interfere to find the right man for her.

Meet my sis 27' - with a bids of £50. On-line advertising adds: ''First, this is serious advertising. "She is 27 years old and comes from London, but now she is living in Cardiff and is 5 feet tall and sinuous, 4 blues eye, 4 black hairdos. My sister's out of luck to find a man.

"Someone who' s a great dude, who's honest. "Kindhearted and sincere. Only for real folks is this a date with my older brother, which hopefully will go on. "It'?s a real commercial that my sis knows about. The ad also jests that free shipping and handling are involved and tenderers are alerted that the "item" has already been used.

Sammy, who works with Kyle at the Cardiff jewelry store for the family: "When I saw what Kyle had done, I was completely angry. "For years Kyle has been menacing me for employment on eBay, but I never took him seriously, so I was outraged to see myself there - it was pretty frightening.

"Many of my buddies - including my younger sisters - are in affectionate relations, some are even wedded to kids, and I'm tired of going out with unripe types, I need someone to live with. And all I want is a good moral good fellow who's sincere and loyal, it's really become more difficult to get to meet good folks.

"If the Ebay offers are closing, I will probably continue, my bro has gone through all these difficulties and because he checks the tenderers, I am comfortable, he is very protectious of me, so I rely on his judgment. "Kyle said: "I never thought Sammy's friends were good enough for her, many of them had quite a bit of luggage and Sammy needs someone without bonds.

"She is a brilliantly good character and at least I can check these boys out for myself now. "I' ve received a whole bunch of requests, many folks are asking if this is a real eBay mail. "And I had a dude who refuses to give me his Facebook page - after all, I don't care about any smart boys for Sammy.

Sammy's mom Natalie, 52, who's been marrying the man Simon, 54, for 30 years, said: "She' been struggling to get a career for the last few month and was at the end of her rope, so Kyle thought it would be a great shock to show off his matching abilities. "She' s played around a few time in the past and even got betrayed, I think she merits a jumper in shiny armor to take in.

"We' ve had some phone conversations in the building, but until they tell Natalie that she's not with anyone, she really wants to set up and have kids, but she just can't find the right dude to do it.

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