Great Baby Gifts

Beautiful baby gifts

We' ve got some of the best toys you can get as gifts for newborns, so if you are a new aunt, uncle, friend or other relative, take a look at our extensive range of toys! 10 Christmas present idea for babies first Christmas We' ve chosen our 10 favorite things to mark the first Christmas of your baby. The first Christmas of a newborn baby is always a really great period in a family that is expanding. This can be hysterical because the little ones are usually too young to know what's going on (just like at their first anniversary celebration - but we'll throw one anyway) and it won't stop us from pampering them with Christmas presents..


Mom or papa, grandma, queen, nephew, uncle or girlfriend, you are sure to want to give the baby something extra something to mark their first Christmas day - so here are some great little sweet Christmas gift ideas to give to them. All you need to make a screen printing of baby's hand or foot -ww.

Sensitive plank notebook that baby loves with plain text, tactual stains and fat artwork that' s good for baby and toddler. On each page a small little blank cursor will appear which can be discovered by the kids. The eight elements can be used either individually or in combination. Their versatility is wonderful, as they calm down childhood illnesses as well as entertaining infants in the comfort of a stroller or stroller.

When you know a baby who can't fall asleep at nights, his parent might appreciate this calming nocturnal light that will play and project sound to the blanket to divert the baby from the fact that he doesn't want to fall asleep and let it float away in silence while you are enjoying the rest of your evenings.

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Lovely faerie puppet with a small rucksack to remove a missing teeth. Smooth, padded balloon that speaks to learn your ABCs and 123s. Wonderful, not matching 15cm cloth mouse - absolutely enchanting! Smooth 15 cm Rally Balls Rally - early training for your first scratchdown. Lazybones baby - Just 9 month in!

Wonderfully worked bunny from velours 35cm in nice flowery gown. Cuttlefish 10cm soccer rattles for the early kick-off. Ultra-smooth, fast-drying, extra-large, gummy duel-shaped handtowel. 5 pair of funny liveaboard pet stockings for newcomers. Nicely presented light and lively baby rattling present kit. Handmade, trimmed & wonderfully detailled - really charming.

Wonderful smooth rattling rabbits, in sweet Beigefarbenen overalls.

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