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Foundation of a management consultancy and entrepreneurial concepts Hello Baby is an on-line kindergarten company that markets a broad selection of baby products such as pushchairs, car seat and baby seating. Kindergarten market is well entrenched and there is no need to believe that humans will stop having infants! A lot of the on-line stores in this area are bad and I believe that our benefit lies in our on-line knowledge of on-line advertising. Selling across a number of on-line sales outlets, we have worked really hard to optimize our site and get a high level of exposure to your site's native browse content.

Therefore, I resolved to put my cash where my lips were and start my own on-line shop. Did you always want to run your own company? Founded two working days after the birth of my first child, I had to find a way to find a good match between two challenging tasks.

Hi Baby Boy 3 D Puffy Stickers

With these Hello Baby Boy 3-D Puffy Stickers you can give your paper craft an additional touch! They' ll be awesome hand-made card tops, but the options are limitless! Lively, rich ly designed to give your work immediate beautification and help easily make your scrapebook pages, maps and more come to life. Get the most out of your work!

Ideal for every papermaking venture!

Sixty seconds of start-up: Hi Baby

Baby Hello is an on-line baby and kindergarten dealer located in the Brick Lane, East London. During my former career I used to meet a bunch of merchants and I was amazed how uncomplicated they were. This is a multi-channel merchant that sells through eBay, Amazon and our own website.

Offering a broad array of products at competitively priced rates, the site is focused on delivering an outstanding customer experiences both on-line and off-line. Kiddicare and Mothercare are our largest competitors on-line. Our expert knowledge in the field of on-line merchandising is our competition edge. Our very good knowledge of on-line merchandising, in particular SEO, has allowed us to keep our merchandising expenses very low.

I previously worked for eBay's biggest trade wizard, UK, Auctioning4u. When I was in charge of consultancy, I used eBay as a distribution tool for them. Dixons, John Lewis, Fujitsu and others were supported by Fujitsu in the sale of the overstock on eBay and other on-line platforms. While I was at Anuctioning4u, I found many on-line merchants and was amazed at how uncomplicated they were.

A lot of retail stores seemed to be reselling large quantities of poorly crafted sites with bad experience. Choosing the kindergarten after my first daugther was conceived when I realized how much cash a parent spends on their newborn! {\pos (192,210)}I didn't really think I was very smart when we dropped 3,500 pounds by on-line scams.

Paying on line is significantly less safe than I thought at first and it was a tough learn curve. Crispy, dependable and outstanding in all kinds of situation. Often I wish I had founded my company about five years ago and I dream that we would be leaders by now. However, looking back is a marvelous thing, and five years ago the on-line merchant was much smaller.

Hello Baby will be a much more mature company in 12 month.

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