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Boutique Ruby Jacqs Nursery & Designer children's clothing. Kids Clothing Boutique Clothing Shop Kids & Baby Wear West Kirby. Luxury products from high-end and boutique brands.

I' m assuming it's like a baby boutique!

The Exquisite Exquisite Packagings

We' re looking for luxurious items that are beautiful, cruel and great to give away. Working with high-end brand names and start-up boutiques, we offer you the best possible product. No matter whether you order from our range of gift items or whether you are creating your own gift basket, our ease of ordering makes giving a gift easier and more enjoyable.

Presented in gray bubble packs, wrapped in luxurious brand-name stationery, our baskets are enhanced with a bubble-cut map containing your own unique brand name.

Spoilt Royalty baby shop adds a hint of Spain to the High Bridge.

Trendsetting toddlers can now be equipped off the shelf by the latest models from Spain's design studios - thanks to a young designer who has become an enterprising businessman. Sophie O'Brien founded her first company at the young age of 22 after preparing herself for month after month and having difficulty buying the desired brand in Spain. The Spoilt Royalty Baby Boutique was opened in one of the new Newcastle' s High Bridge outlets next to the recently opened Motel Onetel.

This is the first opportunity to buy high-end baby wear and children's clothing in Spain as well as crèches and strollers in the tradition quest way. Sophie hopes that clients will like the look just as much as she does. When she was a kid, she always worn lavishly designed white clothing purchased by her grand parents in Alicante.

said Sophie, from Sunderland: "There is a tradition of look for clothing - they are simply completely different styles. She has worked really hard to fulfill her ambition and it has not been simple to reach the opening phase of her business. Many of the designer wouldn't talk to me without having a store, so that's really why I went to the show.

Its name may seem exclusively, but Sophie is anxious to make sure that there are various offerings, specials, and pay schedules so that everyone can make purchases. A series of baby clothes is sold on the groundfloor for newborns up to 10 years of age and the crèches and pushchairs on the groundfloor.

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