High Tech Baby Gear

High-tech baby equipment

Can be combined with the Stokke Steps Chair to make the perfect high chair for your children. High tech presents for the new parent of the holidays Snuza Hero SE is a portable monitoring device that monitors the baby's respiration and triggers an alert if the baby is stopped. And then it goes further by trying to wake the baby up with vibration. when your baby cries. As soon as the baby is old enough, you can take the phone off and simply projected pictures directly onto the blanket.

Snoo Smart Sleeper is a pram equipped with a lot of technology to help your baby go to bed. Equipped with a noise generator, swing motor and three microphone, it detects when your baby is weeping. When the baby needs to be calmed down, it will intensify the swinging movement and change the tone. The Snoo doesn't even turn on at all unless the baby is securely wrapped and inserted.

With the iBaby Mystery, an audiobaby screen, night light and cleaner, the iBaby Mystery is integrated into one stylish unit. Identifies and eliminates toxic and allergenic substances from the atmosphere and gives you a clear overview of the baby's room environment in terms of indoor climate, indoor climate, indoor climate and indoor climate. It also allows you to hear and speak with a baby who needs a calming effect or changes the colour of the night light.

With a touch screen that you can place on your bed, a clock that will vibrate when your baby needs your baby's care, and a portable application to keep an eye on things at all times, it's all there. Contains the camcorder, the screen, the clock and an environmental detector. Luke Baby Grow is an easy-to-clean wrap cushion that also cradles your baby.

Examine the application to see the baby's body mass and display its percentage over being. The only thing you have to do is keep it at babies ears to get a message in seconds. Fisher Price Smart Connect Sleeper weighs the baby in comfort and still holds it on the back to avert SIDS.

This is a sleek baby baby monitor with a sleek look, but it's efficient at calming your baby down and falling asleep. This looks like a conventional sinks bowl, but it gives you an indication of the amount of hot air while you are taking a bath for your baby. Carrycot is convenient for the baby and keeps it clean. It' also more expensive than your regular baby bath.

B√ČABA Babycook is partly steam cooker and partly mixer, so that in half the amount of your child's life your parent can produce wholesome baby foods. The DXR-8 is a great, uncomplicated baby screen for a cheap replacement for the Samsung one. Directly connected to the camcorder, the display has 2x zooming, room thermostat tracking and a loudspeaker so you can speak to your baby (or spouse) by remote control.

This also means that no one else can sign up to see your baby sleeping. It' not a touch screen, but it's a rugged screen at a sensible cost. Grab the MonBaby at your baby's romper to watch his breath and posture during sleeping. You can use the application to create various alerts to inform you of his well-being while you register his sleeping behaviour.

Since the MonBaby is dependent on a move detector, the move (besides that of your baby) can also affect the measurements, so you cannot use it with a swing basket or sleeping cabin.

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