Hip Baby Boy Clothes

Hips Baby Boy Clothing

Seaman tamper all in one. Produktcode: Choose size: Our clothes are adapted to mothers so that we fully comprehend their needs during gestation, so that the clothes look good and are comfy. Verify your dimensions against our table of available sizings to make sure you are purchasing the correct sizing. Keep in mind that we are all different forms and different heights and sometimes we can just be sitting in the center of a heigth.

Try out a larger or smaller fitting can help you get the most convenient fitting for you. We offer well-designed motherhood clothes that are highly adaptable and often suited for use after childbirth. So, whether you want to buy baby clothes, pyjamas or sleepwear, you can make sure you buy the right baby clothes depending on the baby's body mass or age.

To find the right fit for your baby or infant, please follow the instructions below.


In 1995, Ros Badger introduced Little Badger to the market. Influenced by the childbirth of her first baby and disappointed by the shortage of trendy baby clothes, she chose to make her own. Then Ros worked as a free-lance hosiery fashion design for Betty Jackson, Fred Bare and Marks and Spencer (among others), so she made a small selection of hosiery for her little one.

Whilst there is a massive revival of the crafts in Britain, it is much more difficult to find groups of rope makers who can deliver quantities for a company like Little Badger. She is very proud to have employed so many female workers between the mid-1980s and 2005, supported many groups of knitwear and contributed to keeping the UK yarn industry going.

It offers Peruvian mothers, where embroidery is an integral part of their cultures and the only means of work for many of them, urgently needed jobs and decent wages.

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