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Casting Spica

How's a sphica-mould? How's a sphica-mould? It is a band made of gypsum or light, fast-drying synthetic material. Shaped sphica is from the bottom of the body to the knuckles and has a small opening in the step. Occasionally the litter is from the waist up to a knuckle and ankles.

Under the model there are stitched pantyhose made of stitched wool to the protection of the skins. Occasionally a pole is placed between the leg to avoid the casting from fracturing at the height of the step. That pole is not meant to take your kid. Often a spray of ?pica is used over a 6 week to 3 month interval.

Below you will find some samples of a casting made with ?pica. How the litter is laid out varies: up to the legs, up to the knees, with or without pole. Each casting is different. Infants always tinkle more often than infants and it is hard to keep the plaster neat and tidy when they are not yet on the pots.

It is recommended that you place a regular diaper under the bandage and a larger diaper over the bandage, if necessary, in conjunction with a Tena Lady (or hygiene napkin) in the smaller diaper. This is a diaper of regular sizes under the model, both front and back. The best way to do this is to hold a small edge of the diaper over the plaster on the side of your child's belly and back.

As they are not used and can be uncomfortable for your baby, you can trim the diaper's glue at will. The casting must have enough room for this. Using a shallow wood scraper you can press the diaper under the plaster.

There'?s a big diaper over the plaster. Use a Tena Lady/sanitary serviette in the smaller diaper to avoid leaks. Advantage is that you don't have to switch the inner diaper every single day, because you can simply switch the Tena Lady and don't have to put a new diaper under the casts.

We advise you to take winding seriously. We' ve been told by many families whose kids had diarrhea before coming home from work. Cleansing the inside of the casting is a very challenging, if not even impossibly work. Dirt on the casting is no excuse for the clinic to replace dressings, except for dermatitis.

Wipe the casting with a moist towel and if desired hairdry it using a hair dryer. The plaster can be prevented from getting muddy by putting clothes on it. There are two additional advantages to this: the jumpsuit material makes it more convenient for you to wear your baby (the casting can be raw on your own skin/bear legs) and it looks more cute.

Often the casting edge is glued with a broad band. It can be substituted to refresh the casting or when the casting begins to "crumble" or lose weight. If the inside of the model gets damp, you can try drying it with a hair dryer (not too warm) or using hand wipes (let them take up the damp and then wipe it off).

If there is a chair or diarrhoea in the model, you can wipe it with baby wet towels. A number of odour control agents are available in pharmacies: If you have a baby in a sphica mold, there are a few things you can review; if the mold is not too narrow, if it does not squeeze; if your child's toe is a sound color rose; if the foot is not too hot or too cool; if your baby can move his toe; if the toe is not thickening/swelling; if the mold has no crisp edge.

It is possible to cut down the jagged corners of the spike by gluing it with felt or towelling with an elastic band (available in the gypsum room), a slip insert or a large sheet of leucoplast film. Small babies are often not affected by the sickle. Due to the gypsum, the baby cannot lift his feet (this is what your baby would normally do if he suffers from cramps).

Make sure you take the necessary amount of your baby's feeding to allow it to belch. While some children try not to move (depending on their own age), others change their position, begin to crawl on their stomachs or even begin to sit on their own and go with the plaster.

Allow your baby to make the movements he or she wants to make, but encourage him or her to stand and walk (e.g. by placing him or her on their feet). The two year old girl with ?pica Castle had a great time with her woodbikes. It will be very stimulating for a parent with a kid with ?pica Casts.

Although the plaster is not difficult, it is to carry a baby in a mold of mica. See also "Carrying a baby with plaster Spica" for more information. Crawlboard to help your baby crawl. It is possible to place some bikes under a large wood plank so that your baby can move around on his stomach.

Place some cushions or roll-up hand tissues under your child's leg when he or she lies down so that the plaster does not put weight on your child's back. It also prevents foot perspiration because the leg is higher. Unless your physician has said that you should not do this (which is very unlikely), you can simply leave your baby sitting on his knee or in a high seat in his model Sica.

Our diaper change pad is an option to the roll-up towels: - The stitching in the centre of the diaper change pad ensures that your child's torso is lower than the leg (and the plaster does not push into the back). - Keep your child's baby's pillow on the diaper changer; this can help avoid imbalanced expansion of the pillow's pillow resulting from a preference attitude or positioning.

Pressures on your child's bottom, lower back and breastbone can be caused by the mold. Ensure that the casting does not get damp from the inside. Afterwards you can apply baby cream to the wounds. You can put your baby on his stomach to help achieve a postural canal.

Couple of moments will do, or as long as your kid is enjoying it. You cannot put your baby in the bathroom or showers with a spray. If you want, you can clean your kid with a Flanell. Take great pains not to get the litter soaked. Don't ever let your baby go unsupervised and make sure your baby doesn't drop.

Small kids usually don't like their shampooed bristles, especially when they wear a spray because they're not used to it. Regular pants don't go over a mold of sicklehead. We' ve created pumpsuits that go over the top of the cum cast: - Do not contaminate the casting from the outside (food residues, etc.).

  • Wearing your baby with a sickle casting or letting your baby rest on your knee is more comfortable for you (if you have naked feet as the casting can be harsh on your skin). - The Spica casting is not visible and your baby looks beautiful.
  • They are especially designed for kids with cushions of cushions, you can simply choose the standard sizes. - Since the Overall has pockets in the inner bone, it also will fit if there is a pole between the feet of the SpiCast. - Overalls can be used as a baby uniform, so you can put on a t-shirt, pullover, knit jacket or one of our custom clothes.

Beside the pumpsuits we have developed the following models for the use with a spacecast: An infant with sphica casts can never be worn directly under the shoulder. An infant in the shape of a sickle is hard to bear. It is not too hard to perform a spinca casts ( about 1,5KG after carrying), but to perform a spinca casts is to perform a spinca casts.

You feel like you're wearing a slab of cement because the baby is rigid from the bottom of the waist and won't give way when you're wearing your baby. In order to avoid back pain, it is important to wear your baby correctly and at the right level (working and carrier height).

Wear your baby with a baby sling, a back support strap and an integrated, cushioned cushioning tray. In this way, it is possible for mothers and fathers to wear their baby or infant on their hips in a natural way without the normal strain on the back. It is convenient for both the adult and the infant. Infant's body mass is evenly spread around the hips, protecting your arm, shoulder and back.

If you wear a casting of ?pica, your baby is no longer able to "hang" on his waist and his leg is broad. Therefore, as a rule, children using sphica castings do not sit in regular high stools. Doormen are not suited because the baby is suspended from the side poles with a casting without a backrest.

It is the perfect seating option for the little ones who couldn't seat alone before casting the cushions. Micro-beads form the bellybag around the torso so that kids with a hip orthosis, hip belt or hip pick-up can easily lay down and look around.

It is recommended for kids up to the approximate 12 month of life. We have the following solutions for kids who could seat alone before the occupation or who are older than 12 months: the Minimonkey Minichair. She sells large sleep pouches so your baby can fit in with a hip orthosis or a spica-mould.

  • Your kid doesn't get chilly at nights. - a sleeping sack is designed to help your baby avoid removing the hip pad by pulling off the Velcro fastener. Some cushions or roll-up hand sheets may need to be placed under your child's back when he or she is laying (also during the day), so that the casting does not exert any strain on the back, according to how the casting is applied.

It also prevents foot perspiration because the leg is higher. Is it possible to put a kid with a sphica casting in a crib? Kids with cushions can also be placed in a crib, especially cribs with side stays. For older babies or if the leg is too broad, a camp site can be a good option.

Often a parent is concerned about the progression of their child's bodily growth because of the use of the casts. Kids move what they can with a single spike. When our 2 year old daugther got her second litter of ?pica, I approached a paediatric psychotherapist to avoid her getting the movement right and wanting her to fit, creep and move properly in order to avoid an additional retardation of her evolution.

Could she do what other kids this age can do? Is your baby getting a cup of ?pica and are you looking for other parents' experiences? Here you can find all the tales of couples whose kids were hip displasia patients with the help of a sickle caster. Usually an electric saw or large pliers are used to remove cushions.

It' s very noisy and can be a scary affair for your kid. In this photo you can see the leg of a young woman whose ribcage stitch has just been taken off.

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