Hip Newborn Baby Clothes

Hips Newborn Baby Clothing

Hip-Pose shop, an online shop offering a selection of clothes for children with hip dysplasia (DDH). Waist belt clothing, wide sleeping bags and practical solutions for children with a hip orthosis or a spica cast to treat hip dysplasia (DDH). DDH Clothing All of us would like to be able to clothe our kids in clothes that are warm and cosy, and for many of us DDH makes this hard and hard, and for our families it is heart-rending. In an age when daily routine is tossed into the sky, it is important to keep things "normal". The Hip-Pose label has been specially developed for infants and young kids suffering from hip dysplasia.

Developed by Sam Bowen, whose daugther was conceived and qualified with DDH at the age of 6 to help families clothe their kids during treatments when "normal" clothes simply don't work, the trademark is a new product that is easy to use and has been developed by Sam Bowen. In 2011 Sam sketched and produced the clothes and within a few month Hip-Pose had become a global hit. Hip-Pose won the Golden Prima Baby Award for Innovations in 2015 and won year after year prizes, among them Sam, who was named "Most Inspiring Business Parent 2016" by Mama and Working.

Hip pose garments are made from high quality materials and are adapted to the DDH therapy aids. Pavlik tableware apparel can also be carried over various hip belts and not only conceals the dental care device, keeps it out of view and neat, but also keeps the parent's apparel safe from scratch.

Hip Spica casting pants and short also conceal the casting and diaper area, keep it neat and tidy and protect your parental wear from abrasion. Skilful styling allows it to be carried over a broom handle regardless of where the rod is located. Spica garments minimize the look of the casting, which can be a genuine advantage for some.

It was the first DDH operation Sam developed for her own subsidiary. Noticing how the commentaries of foreigners stopped when her girl took her pants off and around and the hip pose concept was born! During 2016, Sam worked with Slumbersac to create the DDH sleep bags she created, which received an accolade!

Hip-Pose 2017 came to the Slumbersac familiy with their own creativity and sense of purpose, and Slumbersac enjoyed the Hip-Pose corporate ethic. Slumbersac's full line of award-winning hipwear, available from newborns up to five years of age, can be bought on the Slumbersac website:

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